National Political Alliance Party (NPA) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

National Political Alliance Party (NPA) Vice-Chairperson Daw Win Kay Khaing Aye presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 12 September.

Greetings to esteemed people
I am the Vice-Chairperson of the National Political Alliance Party, Daw Win Kay Khaing Aye. At this auspicious time, I will be explaining the policies and work programmes of my party. We are National Political Alliance Party – NPA. Our party’s logo has a blue background with a white circle and a single white star inside. The star represents honesty, providing light and guidance and a united nation under sovereignty. The white circle represents sovereignty, and the blue background represents calmness and equality.
I will now explain our party’s aim and objective. Our NPA’s motto is “Peace for the people first, democracy is essential, improving the lives of the people is paramount”. Our party will firmly work for the national objective of a peaceful, modern and developed federal democratic union from the front lines.
Our party was founded on 25 July 2009, and our members have been involved in politics since the 1988 political movement. We have received the political inheritance passed down by the party’s leaders and continue to move forward with vigour.
Our party has always believed in the need for a constitution and a Hluttaw with an equal ratio of the people and political parties based on that, and a civilian government, administering in line with it as well. We participated in the current democratic and political affairs with that belief. Our party participated in an advisory role of the political party group in the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC) and actively contributed in the nation’s peace process.

Esteemed people
As everyone knows, our nation was subjected to a divided life of colonial oppression for many years. The consequences of that became a major obstacle when the country achieved independence. Just as independence was gained with the Panglong Conference, we need to have ethnic solidarity to build a democratic nation today. Myanmar is home to a large number of unique ethnic groups living together. While this difference may be a weakness now, we believe it will be a source of strength when we become truly united and achieve peace.
Building a federal union requires finding a solution with ethnic armed organizations, moving to a single military system, distributing natural resources between the union and federal states in a fair manner, and developing the national economy. That is why our party says peace comes first. We firmly believe in the fact that democracy and development of the people are as the most important as peace and equality.

Esteemed people
A systematic administrative mechanism has an essential role in a democratic nation. It’s natural for po-litical parties to make promises during their campaign. Still, if the administrative mechanism is not working correctly, then they won’t be able to fulfil those promises and will get criticized by the people. Parties may change, but if the fundamental part of the mechanism is not working well, then improving people’s lives will be slow, and challenges will be plenty.
Democratization has reached a particular stage in our nation. It is slowly changing from an undemocratic, authoritarian system to a democratic one. There is a multitude of requirements to stand as a democratic nation successfully. Every citizen must ensure democracy is for all the people and not just a se-lected group.
We cannot go towards national development with one person or one organization. It takes the entire nation and equal contribution. Different ethnic groups with unique cultures and literature do not discriminate into the strong and the weak, and we will ensure there is equal opportunity for everyone. Everyone should have equality and protection by the law. Everyone should have the democratic rights of freedom to believe, express and display.
Everyone can see that the democratic transition seems simple but is more complicated than it looks. We inherit the good and awful heritage and require patience to reach a fully democratic situation gradually. At the same time, we need to find a nationally accepted solution for the nation’s current and future issues.
Our nation will have to go through some difficult times to reap the fruits of democracy like the nations that have fully achieved it and the Asian and Southeast Asian countries that have mature peace, stability and modern progress. It is crucial that all political parties and people from different walks of life actively participate for the benefit of the nation.
There are many things to say and do about establishing a democratic nation, but our times are short, so I would like to move on about our NPA’s stance on improving public livelihood. Political parties, organizations and governments talk about improving livelihoods, but that is not a simple case and has multiple connected issues and components to it. You could even say it is the most delicate and complicated process of a democratic nation. The national economy needs to be developed, and the production value of all citizens need to be increased as well.
Like I explained about the peace process, natural and human resources need to be systematically distributed among the people living in this nation, and this is the key to achieving peace, democracy and improved livelihoods.
In this regard, we need to do such things as sufficient production of electricity and energy, a high volume of foreign direct investment, penetration into foreign markets for agro-based produces and products, development of medium and heavy industries in the country, and lessening underemployment and creating of employment opportunities.
It requires the government to enact laws that support and promote this, protect the interests, to give capital and to transfer to the hands of ethnic entrepreneurs and to form public-private partnerships. On the other hand, they need to carefully spend taxpayers’ money and not waste it and make necessary adjustments to taxes to promote businesses. The government does this job that needs to be free of corruption, transparent, and parties and organizations put the interest of the people before their party or organization.

Esteemed people
There is not enough time to explain the various processes, strategies and action plans for developing the nation. The essence is that the improvement of people’s livelihoods is the best measure. The government needs to make use of the authority granted by the people in trust wisely to garner their support. Otherwise, people will deal with the appropriate punishment.
Now let me explain about national security. In the present day, you will say all the governments of the world are investing so much into national defence, maintaining sovereignty and improving national integrity by modernizing and supporting their military force. We will undoubtedly need a modern and strong military when we establish our federal democratic nation. The current military defence services were created as a result of our struggle for independence from the clutches of colonialism at the same time ethnic groups took up arms. The armed conflicts have become an eroding force within our nation that has pushed it into the depths of poverty. NPA has actively participated in efforts to end the disputes, improve people’s lives and continue the peace process. We believe a single military system will inevitably emerge to serve and honour our federal democratic nation.
In conclusion, regardless of whether NPA loses or wins in the multiparty democratic elections, we will respectfully follow the decision of the people. We believe other political parties will do the same and compete honestly within the legal framework.
The NPA will continue to participate in efforts towards peace, democracy and improving people’s livelihood regardless of the outcome. We, the NPA, will maintain our love for our nation and work for the freedom, sovereignty and stability of the country, and I will end my message with that explanation. Thank you.

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