National United Democratic Party presents policy, stance and work program

U Sein Win
Chairman U Sein Win.

Chairman U Sein Win of National United Democratic Party (NUD) presented the party’s policy, stance and work program on radio and TV on 26 September.
Following is a translation of the presentation:
Respected and valued people,
First of all, allow me to extend my heartiest greetings and best wishes for the health and well-being of all.
I am Chairman U Sein Win of National United Democratic Party and Pyithu Hluttaw Representative of Maubin constituency.
Today, it is my honor to submit National United Democratic Party policy, stance and work program.
National United Democratic Party has emerged as a requisite of the nation; and also at the behest of the peasants and farmers it comes up as people’s new party with right persons, at right place and to exercise correct system. The party genuinely represents the farmers.

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Today, the nation is facing political problems and they are rooted in the internal peace issue, the problems of national races, the failing economy, the weakening in the export of agriculture and fishery sectors, and the Myanmar political discord.
As we could not build a ‘genuine federal Union system’, the ‘Union problem’ has emerged. As the national races, such as Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine, Shan and other ethnics are residing in the country, a genuine federal union system is very much vital to be established. Only then, a nation of unity, justice, eternal peace, developed Union could be built for all the national races.
For the unity of all national races, a correct solution that has been found is that it is needed to be based on ‘Union principles’ with the mindset of ‘Panglong Spirit’ in building a genuine federal democratic system.
For the sake of national unity, democratic rights, equality among national races, and self-determination are the needy factors which could end the civil war and achieve eternal peace.
The economy of the nation must be based on a free and fair structure, and that is to be built with solid foundation. In such an economic system, all the citizens must have the rights for equal opportunity to work independently on their desired economic business. Foreign investment must be allowed systematically, in accordance with the laws.
The people have the right to enjoy profits from their business in line with policy, rules and regulations. When doing business in the context of market oriented economic system, protection and prevention must be secured carefully for the people as to keep them far from harm, and to protect the environmental degradation.
Serious consideration must be made for the basic class, such as the cultivators, to enable them to work in their respective lands with peace of mind, safe from harm and risks, and secured lives for the future.
An economy based on agriculture, meat and fishery sectors would be given first priority and later worked out on other businesses with multifaceted concepts, so as to build a modern industrial nation.
Unlawful and illegal confiscation of lands under 1894 Land Acquisition Law, and other illegitimate land matters are to be solved with a correct approach. Our party will properly manage on resources, such as land, human, and water.
Agriculture and land matters and illegal land confiscation acts that emerged during the first Pyidaungsu Hluttaw are to be investigated to relieve the suffering of the people with correct solution and decision for successful implementation.
Special care would be given for the basic working class of the nation to have security of workers, along with the welfare of food, clothing and shelter. The rule of law and the transparency in the judicial system would be controlled properly so as to reduce the unjust acts, the incorrect attitude and injustices. The education, health, social development, and human rights would be drawn in short term and long term projects to uplift to the international standard.
For the successful implementation of the above concept and theory, the public management, the public administrative system are to be filled in with the right people, at right place, correct system, right persons in creating the people’s government.
Intellectuals and intelligentsias from various fields would be assigned in relevant sectors giving priority with accountability in their implementation, and that such teams would be formed with serious consideration.
For the benefits of the cultivators, the necessary protection would be provided in advance regarding the environmental damage and the weather disaster in the agricultural sectors.
Rice and agricultural products are to be regulated in accordance with the market economy, and no restriction would be made in their cultivation so that they could produce high quality crops.
From the traditional agriculture system, it is to move ahead into small and medium agricultural mechanization system. Gradually, it will move from agriculture mechanization system to modern and developed mechanization system.
In the agricultural areas, adequate water supply, prevention from flood, and systematic and management use of water and maintenance would be prioritized.
In order to protect the interests of the cultivators and provide the full rights for independent activities, the united farmers’ unions would be allowed to form.
Animal husbandry and fish breeding sectors would be supported for all round development.
In creating such as that of agricultural produce with high quality price, fair market and stable business, necessary investment would be encouraged and supported.
Allow me to present our party’s stance.
We would pay serious attention and work continuously on the internal peace process and the matters of national races. We would endeavour for the democratic federal union system. Implementation would be made by paying attention and value over the voice of the people, desire of the people, and the aspiration of the people. The Hluttaws and the government would be put on track for mutual check and balance, transparency and harmony.
The government employees would be assigned on the basis of right persons, right place and right system for the benefit of the people.
Implementation would be made for the rule of law, fair judgment, and to enact better laws.
Realization of media sector transparency and uplifting of standard would be carried out.
Systematic building of the modern Tatmadaw, in conjunction with State defence and national security, is in the agenda.
All round development in agriculture and fishery sector, road communication sector, electricity and power development sector, and other development sectors would be carried out with ‘multifaceted system’.
With regards to the prosperity of the village, township, district, division and state, the accountability and responsibility, reward, punishment, dismissal from post would be carried out to all relevant officers and staff members.
Moreover, the life of farmers and workers would be elevated, the better utilization of skills of intellectuals and intelligentsias would be carried out, and to plan for ending Myanmar migrant workers going abroad.
Priority would be given for national unity under democratic system using alliance policy for the benefits of the people.
Allow me to present party work program.
Unity of the entire nationals would be endeavored with a view to uplifting the interest of the nationalities. Efforts would be exerted for the rights of self-determination and self-government of the entire national races. Adequate protection would be provided to all the national races residing in regions and state in the union.
Full rights of democracy could be enjoyed by all the citizens irrespective of race, religion, gender residing in the union. All national races would have equal opportunity politically and racially under the rule of law and for the environmental conservation in relevant regions.
Efforts would be made to achieve eternal peace by finding solution to end the civil war through the national races, ideology and political approaches.
The existing democratic basic principles of the Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (2008) would be added with genuine union principles for the unity and national reconciliation.
Freedom and choice of cultivation by the farmers would be enforced according to 2012 Land Law. There would be no unjust land confiscation. Illegal land confiscation would be reviewed and land handed back to original owners. Independent farmer unions will be formed.
Workers rights would be assured and workers unions would be formed. Rights of the children and women would be protected. The benefits gained from the international investment would be shared equally among the national races. Education, health, social, economy and other opportunities would be elevated. Job opportunities would be created for the national races.
All productive sectors would be placed in the hands of the people for their own decision making. All natural resources would be shared according to policy and equally divided. National races residing abroad would be given the chance to return to Myanmar with dignity. The central control system would never be allowed to be revived in the country, and that endeavor would be made to build federal union.
The flag of the party represents the farmers, the workers, and the intellectuals and intelligentsias on behalf of the people. The 14 stars around the large white star refers to the federal union. The party flag refers to the unity of farmers, the workers and intellectuals towards federal union under democratic system. The NUD flag is the serious combination of 5 elements, such as the earth, the stars, the sky, the human being, and the moon. The attire of the party has been chosen with Khaki color depicting the earthly element.
In conclusion, I would like to say the following.
The NUD party is for the people. Let us vote for the NUD party. The NUD party is genuinely for the people. Let us vote for the NUD party to get the right people and right system. The NUD would work for the people. Let us vote for NUD party to uplift the life of farmers. We give our high esteem to the people. Thank you very much.
Translated by UMT (HK)


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