National Unity Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

National Unity Party (NUP) Central Executive Committee Member U Myint Oo presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 8 September.

Esteemed people
We would like to greet with best wishes for you all.
The 2020 General Election will be held on 8 November 2020. Our National Unity Party’s candidates will contest in 384 constituencies in 175 townships for three Hluttaws.
We have established our National Unity Party for over 30 years. We stand steadfast as a political party.
Our party has a firm policy guideline based on ‘for the wellbeing of the people’. We plan to work for a ‘Myanma programme for serving the people’ to implement this policy. We align our party’s implementation by practising ‘a middle path’ not to go beyond extremes. We want to inform all voters that our party is systematically implementing our policy guideline, political ideology, roadmap, and rules of conduct, as a political party entity.

Esteemed people
We have informed you of our party’s election manifesto that our party will perform responsibility for the people so much so that people can rely upon us after they have understood our doctrine, roadmap, rules of conduct and standpoints. Let me brief on salient points from our party’s election manifesto.
First, I’ll present regarding the ethnic people. Our country is composed of a diversity of national races. There must be unity and reconciliation among ethnic people. Also, it is of an essential fact that the State is building eternal peace and Democratic Federal Union based on national unity. Our party will build ‘national unity’ based on the following four standpoints:
1) There must be equity among national races. In this regard, there must be no discrimination between the majority and the minority. There must be no privilege and no exploitation between one another.
2) There must be self-destiny and self-determination for every national race. Building a Democratic Federal Union should incorporate this fundamental principle.
3) Each national race should stand as an ethnic entity in our country. They should also have the right to conserve and preserve their languages, literature, traits, faith, traditions and customs.
4) There must be even development for each ethnicity. There must be as a lesser gap as possible between one another. There must also be a fair share of distribution for wealth and natural resources between the Union and States/Regions.
These basic points are of essential and vital importance in building a Democratic Federal Union.

Esteemed people
Our country is geographically situated between two larger nations. Besides, ours is in the middle of the geopolitical and strategical position of these superpowers. It is of crucial importance that they mustn’t sandwich our country. It is necessary to handle the situation tactically for political and diplomatic affairs in the international arena. Therefore, the following foreign policies shall be employed successively:
— Active and independent foreign policy;
— This policy shall embody the five principles, including ‘peaceful co-existence’, determined by Heads of State;
— More interactive mutual relationship with international and regional organizations and institutions;
— Moreover, opposing the disruption of State sovereignty and territorial perpetuity.
I’ll proceed to point out significant economic policies.
NUP shall serve the people to develop the production and to boost the nation’s wealth by utilizing the private sector-specific market mechanism. We plan to enhance a fair share of distribution from the increasing wealth for the entire society based on the ‘social harmony’ principle.
— Developing the nation’s wealth and considering the generations to come, we must make the best efficient use of the available natural resources;
— Due to the deficit in the State budget and expenditure, the larger volume of cash flow, the higher fluctuation rate of money, decreasing amount of export incomes, and rising commodities prices, the economy relies on credit-based one. We strive for the economy that will be free from the credit-based system.
— We shall plan to implement ‘states/regions development plans which all ethnic people desire for since they wish to build a democratic federal system based on the foundation of the socio-economic development of states/regions.

Esteemed people
Successive eras have changed in our country. However, the majority of farmers are still in the former status. Up till now, they have to encounter a plethora of hardships such as the farmland problems, unstable prices in farm produces, and a sea of debts in the lack of farm investment.
We shall need a farmland policy that can help the farmers own their farmlands. The existing Farmland Law should be amended. The market economy mechanism should be suitable for the farmland policy. That is why farmers should own their farmlands, and we shall see to it in political, legal, and economic ways and means.
— NUP shall systematically lay down and implement the use of farmland policy;
— We shall plan to give medium and long-term loans to the farmers for their agricultural investment;
— We shall carry out a system for the farmers to have insurance for their farm products;
— We shall stop exporting the cattle that are primary dependence for the farmers.
I will present our attitude on the workers who are essential politically and economically in our country. It’s crystal clear that there are still breaches and abuses in the dignified roles and human rights of the workers. They are also still in the darkness that they can’t fully enjoy any fundamental rights such as secure employment, minimum wages, claims of compensation, and social security etc.
— Full protection of workers’ rights in accordance with the prevailing laws;
— Creation of employment opportunities;
— Schemes for the life security of the migrant workers who have returned from abroad;
— Implementation of the systematic establishment of free trade unions and workers’ organizations.

Esteemed people
We have now presented a brief account of our party’s policy, stance and work programmes for the people to assess us (National Unity Party) who are going to contest in the 2020 Multiparty General Election.
Here, we would like to present our slogan ‘New Hope’, which is the essence of our party’s policy and attitude upon the people. Let’s move forward with ‘New Hope for the People’. With this ‘New Hope’, all national races, farmers, workers and the people are going to the polling stations to vote.
Creating self-destiny is the right for the voters in this democratic election. We would like to urge that voters can use this golden opportunity to choose our party’s candidates with ‘New Hope’.
We wish you voters physical and mental wellbeing!

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