National Unity Party presents Policy and Programs

Vice Chairman U Han Shwe of the National Unity Party presented the Policy and Programs of their party from the Radio and TV programs on 30 January evening.
The following is the full text of his presentation:

U Han Shwe 3 72
Vice Chairman U Han Shwe of the National Unity Party.

Respected ethnic nationals, citizens and voters,
I wish to greet all ethnic nationals, citizens and voters, auspiciousness and physical and mental well-being.
Very soon, we will be holding by-elections in the respective constituencies for the vacant positions in the various Hluttaws. For our party, for the Pyithu Hluttaw, we will  be contesting for the seat in Monywa Township constituency in the Sagaing Region and in the Chaungzon Township constituency in the Mon State.
For the Amyotha Hluttaw, we will be contesting in Constituency No.4, Nyaunglebin Township and Kyaukdaga Township of Bago Region.
As voters, you will be voting for the representatives of your choice, those who will be representing your interests. In order to assist you in the voting process and to enable you to study and assess, let me explain to you how we stand and the position of the National Unity Party.
Our party is a party based on “Policy”. Our “Policy” is to work for the good of the people. The Party’s program is the Myanmar Lanzin for the benefit of the people. This party is using the practice of the Middle Path as we implement programs in accordance with the Lanzin among the people, to make as little errors as possible.
In our party, we use collective leadership, individual responsibility, collective responsibility, and collective sharing of praise or blame, as part of our practice of intra-party democracy which is very much alive. I wish to inform all of you that for this reason, our National Unity Party is a party which has stood firmly in unity and stability for nearly three decades since it was founded nearly 29 years ago.
Respected ethnic nationals, citizens and voters,
During the 2015 Multi-party General Elections, our National Unity Party presented our “Election Manifesto” to assist voters in making their choices. In this 2017 By-election, in addition to the policies and programs presented in our Election Manifesto, I wish to present here some facts which are very important for the whole country and all our nationals.  Our country had to face armed conflicts among our national ethnic races since the time of Independence. All our ethnic national races had to face all kinds of sufferings and hardships as they are still suffering now. That is why the “Peace Process” had been initiated and implemented since 2011. We all accepted the slogan “the cause of Peace is a national cause” and participated actively in the Peace Process. At this moment two Peace conferences had already been held. Eight armed groups have signed the Nationwide Peace Agreement and there are still some armed groups which have not yet signed this agreement. To achieve peace by resolving problems by political means, national level political dialogues are being prepared in states and regions. Our political party is participating in the Peace Process in a very detailed and involved manner. We intend to continue this participation.
“Peace” is a very important for the future for our country. Aspirations of voters for “establishing a Democratic Federal Union”, and “progress in the development of socio-economic conditions”, depend upon “the successful implementation of the Peace Process.” Therefore, I wish to present here through the voters, our political party’s position which is the need for all armed ethnic groups to sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement and to participate in the political dialogues. We urge them to win peace through political means which is the first step of the Peace Process.
Respected ethnic nationals, citizens and voters,
Our party believes that the “common” goal of all ethnic nationals and citizens is the establishment of a “Union based on Democracy and Federalism” in a peaceful manner. With regards to a federal system, there are many forms depending upon each country. However, what is important is the relaxation of central control of the Union government by giving more executive powers to the states and Regions.
It is also necessary to make sure that in making budget allocations, distribution of the country’s natural resources, and the allocation of financial and tax receipts, the process is fair and equitable.
In putting this system into practice, it is very important that the Federal form of government is in accordance with our country, our people, our history, our traditions, the culture and traditions of our ethnic nationalities. Shall we say a federal form of government where “the leaves do not envelop the branches and the trunk .” I wish to respectfully present here that our party will participate in the political dialogues to ensure that a final result will emerge in line with these basic principles.
In establishing a Federal Union, in order to ensure participation with unity and trust among each other, between our ethnic nationals, I wish to present here “four” principles of our party relating to affairs of the ethnic nationalities.  They are: –
(1) To ensure equality among all ethnic nationals. The items that should be included are: There should be no discrimination between big races and small races; there should not be races which have special privileges; there should not be exploitation among races; there should not be any attempts to hinder the progress and potentials of any race.
(2)    Ethnic nationalities should have the right of self-determination.
(3) Every ethnic national race shall have the right to live and survive. They shall have the right to preserve and protect their language, literature, traditions, beliefs, culture and traditions to prevent them from extinction.
(4) There should be the right to develop in a fair and equitable manner among all ethnic nationals. We need to work to ensure that the development gap between one ethnic national race and the other is as small as possible; also to make sure that in distributing natural resources and wealth between the Union and states and divisions, there is equitable distribution.
Our party would like to present that if all the ethnic national races can work in accordance with the principles presented above by our party, all the endeavors for peace and establishment of a federal system that the ethnic national races desire will surely be successful.
Respected ethnic nationals, citizens and voters,
If we are to work for the benefit of the farmers who form the majority in our country, we need to tackle problems such as land problems, the erratic behavior of farm produce prices, lack of funds for investment, and the land policy should be based on the principle of “farm lands should be owned by farmers”.  We need to amend the current law relating to farm lands. We will need to work to ensure that land policies are in line with the market economy. Also we need to utilize different approaches such as the legal, political and economic approach. Our party was able to return to farmers 42,000 acres of farmland confiscated by government ministries and big companies. We were also able to make sure that farmers were paid damages and compensation worth over Kyats 80,000 lakhs. I also wish to inform that we were able to get agricultural loans which had never been paid for over 30 years for over 70,000 acres.
I wish to continue by presenting our policies regarding workers.
We need to establish workers Unions systematically in factories and work establishments and also ensure that contract agreements are used in all work places. We also need to do a comprehensive study regarding the issue of Migrant workers and this is an area that will get our assistance.
We have been actively participating in the efforts to formulate a “Policy for Youths” and we will continue to do so.
Statistics are showing that the power of women constitute an important segment of national strength. It is important to make sure that women get leadership roles in every sector of the country. There also needs to be equality and opportunities need to be given to them to participate at higher levels. While working for the upgrading of women’s performance and skills, we will work for women’s participation in all sectors of the country at adequate percentages.
Respected ethnic nationals, citizens and voters,
I have now presented briefly our National Unity Party’s establishment, policies, program (Lanzin), philosophy, practices and projects to enable voters to study and make assessments for the 2017 By-election.
In a democratic system, elections provide an opportunity to voters to create their own destiny. That is why I urge the people to use this opportunity and vote for the representatives of our party who will work for the country and the people.
I wish all ethnic nationals, citizens and voters physical and mental well-being.

Let’s vote for the NUP
Our party will compete for peace in Myanmar.
Our party will compete for peace in the Myanmar.
Let’s join hands based on unity.
Let’s join hands based on unity.
Our party will gain success resoundingly.
Our party will gain success resoundingly. (women)
Our party will gain success resoundingly. (men)
Our party will gain success resoundingly. (women)
Let us all support in unison.
For the success of Myanmar.
Let’s go quickly without delay to vote.
NUP, NUP we will work for the benefit of all.
Working for the benefit of all – NUP, NUP.
Yearning for the NUP, to implement democracy. (three times)
We yearn for NUP for peace in our country.
We yearn for NUP for peace and development in our country.
For development, prosperity and peace in Myanmar.
If we all work in unity, there will be prosperity all over Myanmar.
Prosperity all over Myanmar, if we all work in unity.
Thinking about our national issues, unity is the most important.
Unity is the most important.
Let’s vote for NUP if you want a good life.
If you want peace in the country let’s vote for NUP.
Let’s vote for NUP, if you want peace in the country.
Let the good will of NUP spread to all divisions and states.
Let it spread to all divisions and states, the good will of NUP.
Hey boys! Hey girls!
Hey girls! Hey boy!
Let’s all vote for NUP.

(Unofficial Translation)

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