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Nearly 150 Myanmar workers leave for ROK on 13 Dec

A total of 148 Myanmar workers were legally sent to the Republic of Korea through the Employment Permit System (EPS), according to a statement from Myanmar’s Embassy in Seoul.
Those Myanmar workers are to be engaged in the manufacturing industry and agriculture and livestock businesses, including 126 new workers and 22 experienced workers with re-entry permits.
The labour attaché of the Myanmar Embassy in Seoul welcomed them at the Incheon Airport and directed them on the do’s and don’ts and work etiquette and provided the needs.
Last month, a total of 720 Myanmar workers were recruited in ROK. Those workers are new workers and experienced ones with re-entry permits engaged in manufacturing, construction, agriculture and livestock businesses.
More than 37,000 people are expected to take the EPS-TOPIK (Employment Permit System) qualification test which is held from end-September 2022 to mid-2023 in the respective batch.
At present, there are over 50,000 migrant workers legally working in Korea. And more workers are to join them monthly.
The first batch for the manufacturing job test will be held between 31 October and 29 December. Between 3 January and 3 April 2023, the second batch of entry exams for manufacturing jobs will be held. Those who want to join construction jobs can take the exam between 17 April and 15 May 2023.
Employers in Korea recruit potential candidates among those who passed the EPS-TOPIK test, according to POEA. At present, the government of South Korea is continuously recruiting new workers and experienced workers.
The minimum wage in South Korea stood at 9,000 Won per hour in 2022. As there are employment protection legislations in South Korea, local people are keen on finding jobs in South Korea, the Ministry of Labour stated.—TWA/EMM

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