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Nearly seven million gallons of oil to be unloaded at Thilawa Port

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More than four million gallons of oil are being unloaded from tankers at Thilawa port, Yangon and nearly seven million gallons will continue to be unloaded, according to the Fuel Import, Storage and Distribution Supervisory Committee.
These days, MT Yu Dong carrying 1.603 million gallons of 92 Ron gasoline, 0.88 million gallons of 95 Ron gasoline and 1.622 million gallons of regular diesel oil is conducting oiling operations at the terminals in Thilawa Port.
MT Intan Premier carrying 2.67 million gallons of premium diesel and MT Yu Yi carrying 1.922 million gallons of regular diesel and 2.136 million gallons of premium diesel have arrived in Yangon.
Thus, the Fuel Import, Storage and Distribution Supervisory Committee have announced that there is sufficient motor fuel according to the remaining conditions of motor fuel shops and distribution.
In terms of fuel prices this week, it has been observed that the price of petrol has increased slightly and the price of diesel has decreased slightly.
The supervisory committee issues daily fuel reference prices by calculating the fixed exchange rate of the Central Bank of Myanmar based on the MOPS price published daily by Singapore, discount rate, profit percentage, and transport charges.
As the supervision committee, in cooperation with the Myanmar Fuel Import, Sales and Distribution Association, distribution is being done depending on the fuel needs.
As for domestic fuel prices, on 6 November 2022, diesel was set at K2,675 per litre, while Premium diesel is sold at K2,720 per litre and Octane 92 at K2,115 per litre. It is known that Octane 95 was sold at K2,230 per litre. — TWA/GNLM

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