We need to help the government implement well-organized and systematic programmes

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Khin Maung Oo

Now, northern Rakhine State has started to regain some measure of peace and stability after the outbreaks of extremist terrorist attacks in the area. In this regard, people from different quarters are piling blames and allegations on Myanmar. Yet, Myanmar is promptly providing humanitarian aid to all communities who have suffered a lot, without discrimination, simultaneously launching programmes for rehabilitation of local residents at their former locations, systematically.
In rehabilitating them, it is of great importance for the country to arrange for the rehabilitation of those who fled to Bangladesh and it needs to perform the task in accordance with the law systematically. The State Counselor herself has instructed government officials to scrutinize the returnees in accordance with an MOU reached between the two countries in 1993.
In rehabilitating those who fled to Bangladesh, it may be clearly seen that Myanmar will be performing the task of accepting the returnees, out of her genuine willingness under the government’s own programme. So as to resolve this very complex situation, it needs to perform the task of scrutiny and reception of returnees according to mutual agreement.
The tasks are to be performed by members of the Implementation Committee based on recommendations made by the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State and detailed instructions have already been issued, for the respective processes—scrutiny board, designation of location to receive, formation of reception committee, program for conventional accommodation and rehabilitation plan.
In doing so, it will be carried out as decided to give the lists of persons involved in the attacks to the Bangladesh Government, the Interpol and the United Nations as well as to negotiate with the Bangladesh Government for taking legal actions against those involved, as the very nature of these terrorist attacks are not as simple as they seem to be. As the events unfolded, the complexity and wide-ranging ramifications revealed themselves to trained observers.
Implementing in such a way is the best and most suitable solution because any kind of problems that exist between the two countries should be solved through diplomatic channels at the highest level by well-trained diplomats given the urgency of the situation. This is certainly not the time to lay blame or point fingers but to work together to find a just and durable solution acceptable to both sides. Terrorists or terrorism will never be accepted by any nation or any community. Legal actions are to be taken against those who commit terrorism under anti-terrorism laws. Failing that, it will be tantamount to encouraging terrorism.
To sum it up, it is a noble deed to rescue and care for those who are suffering greatly due to inhumane actions of extremist terrorists, regardless of race or religion. We firmly believe that we will all be able to join with genuine “Cetana” (good intentions) wholeheartedly in the activities implemented promptly by the Myanmar Government.

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