We need not fall for traps or tricks

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • A strong desire for more wealth, possessions, power, etc. than a person needs is greed or craving. Here, we need to be well convinced that strong desires for material things and lust mean real craving, as opposed to our desire for justice, knowledge and desire to share with those in need. So, the former ones must be categorized under real greed, while the latter kinds may be ranked as unreal ones. We rarely consider passion and attachment to be real greed, but they are just strong feelings for something or someone for worldly beings. Yet, every being is concerned with the above-said kinds, so they are in for trouble or something in our cycle of life. Whatever it is, excessive strong desires to possess and lust cause sufferings, so they are called originators of suffering.
    Nowadays various kinds of sufferings mostly result from greed, craving and attachment. The more greed we have, the more sufferings we face, and the less we have the less we suffer. If we are completely void of it, sufferings will never come to us. Here, we should have known that tricks are companions of greed. A trick is like a magician. A magician can deceive a person to hallucinate a stone as a lump of gold. Likewise, a deceiver pretends that they are free from any mistakes, hiding their faults for people not to see them.
    These days, there are many kinds of tricks in our social, economic and political fields. Greed, anger and ignorance make us plunge into the trap, making us find it difficult to get out of the labyrinth of tricks. We are currently seeing businessmen being in trouble because of deceivers. Some were victimized again for their uncontrolled greed, though they had never experienced similar events of deception previously. Incentives are effective weapons in doing so. Those who get profits initially want to get more and more. These people do not realize that they have been deceived. In this way, huge sums of money are accumulating in the hands of deceivers. When they have made enough money, they abscond all of a sudden.
    In our world, there are such incidents of suffering a lot. As a matter of fact, these are consequences of lack of knowledge, excessive greed and overwhelming ignorance. As long as we fail to contemplate mindfulness and equanimity, a calm state of mind, especially in difficult situations, we will still be in the whirlpool of tricks.
    In such a modern age, tricks can easily be set up through social websites; our elderly citizens have never encountered such tricks when they were much younger. Deceivers can easily develop websites to make profit online by deceiving the innocent and gullible citizens. So it is incumbent upon us to assess whether they are true or false, good or bad and whether there will be evil side-effects or not.
    To sum it up, we would like to call upon our people not to bear excessive anger, greed and naivety so that they would not fall for traps or tricks.
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