We need to respond to false news with true ones promptly

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  • By Khin Maung Oo
  • These days, much has been said that a lie will go round the world while truth is still pulling its boots on. Quite right in saying so! Prior to making true news known to the public, destructive elements have already spread false news across the world, by fabricating invented news. That being so, international figures, especially those from western countries have been found to have put pressure in various ways on a smaller and weaker nation such as Myanmar, holding those false news as truth.
    Accordingly, we are required to promptly respond to the false news which had covered up the true news and information. In performing the urgently needed task of getting rid of false ones with the true news, we are doing in our mother tongue, hence failure to gain success as hoped, in the international sphere because of the language barrier. We are still suffering from false allegations until now. So, our media needs to be endowed with good command of the English language, skill in penetration, systematic analysis of complicated affairs and professional abilities so that news and information of truth can penetrate the wall of deliberate falsification erected by destructive elements for the global community to know the true situations.
    In responding to the false news with accurate news and information, accuracy and promptness are of great importance. As regards evidence, it is necessary for us to acquire directly connected news and directly related things. Just after receipt of these, if we can expose true news and evidences via our media that can send them by courtesy of effective foreign languages to our targets—respective persons and media, surely we can get rid of false news and allegations.
    In our effort to eradicate false allegations on northern Rakhine State affair, the latest evidence and disclosure of their relations are the ones of great essentiality.
    Those evidences and their disclosure can erase groundless and inhumane allegations of ethnic cleansing and genocide.
    After committing a massacre of Hindus at the refugee camp, eight Hindu women were abducted by ARSA extremist terrorists to the refugee camp in Bangladesh. Now, bringing them back to Myanmar is a sheer luck for them as well as the acquisition of solid evidence for the country to respond to false allegations with exact evidence. By using the English language as a communication tool effectively, the real image of the destructive elements has been uncovered vividly. Now the global community which has been inundated with false news and allegations can see the true situation clearly.
    Recently, one of the Muslim clerics in Syria, Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun has spoken out in an interview with Indian News channel “World is One” that western media are exaggerating the amounts of Bengalis who fled Myanmar to Bangladesh many times a day, differently one from other. He added these were really fabricated in dubious ways, saying that these media, contrariwise failed to disclose the fact that Saudi Arabia put nearly 9 million Yemen refugees into trouble. His statement reveals that many media are posting false news.
    We certainly must try ourselves for truth to cover the whole world by upgrading our media in quality and technology, for spreading evidence of truth worldwide through the effective use of the international language, in responding to news of falsity with genuine ones.
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