Need to Upgrade Myanmar’s Education

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  • Since long before, English has been being taught in Myanmar as the compulsory subject from kindergarten up to matriculation classes. Yet, sorrowfully enough language proficiency level of students who completed higher education level was found still in poor condition. Accordingly, the motion was discussed in the Amyotha Hluttaw to change the teaching system of the language in schools so that students can effectively apply the language to some extent, upon completion of higher education learning.
    In fact, it is of great need for students who have completed academic learning in schools from kindergarten to matriculation to acquire the skills of communication by the use of the language. Now is the time when Myanmar is making broader relation with the international countries in political, economic and various affairs. Not only in creating job opportunities in local and foreign companies but also in making communication with international communities, it greatly needs to acquire 4 skills in the language—reading, writing, speaking and listening.
    Undeniably, language proficiency of most of the students is standing low as discussed and suggested these days. Starting from 2016, the foundation is being laid down for a new education sector including acquisition of four skills in language competency according to the national education strategic plan being implemented by the State. At the present academic year, English Reader for first standard students had been compiled with a view to improve language competency in four skills.
    Educational projects are deep and sober ones which must take time in the long run. In implementing the project of acquiring these skills, scholars and savant intellectuals, parents, teaching staff and students themselves play an important role. Here, the sector of teachers and students are of great vitality.
    It has been learnt that syllabuses are being compiled for altering new teaching methods to acquire these skills. Upon completion of the compilation, students will be taught with new syllabi based on kindergarten to 12th standard classes, starting from academic year 2022-2013. If so, school-age children who start learning in AY 2022-2023 will become grown-ups, they sure will become well-qualified ones in the midst of the
    A perennial tree takes time to grow well, as does the education to bear fruits. At present, only talented ones and only few students who tried their best to get what they aimed mastered the language. These can be said to be attributed to weakness of teaching methods and teaching environments, absolutely not for students’ lack of efforts. In the earliest phase of Myanmar’s education history students had satisfactory mastery of the language as they learnt the language since from KGs. In the second phase, it plunged into the bottom as students had to learn it just at the time of learning in middle schools. Now, children are learning English since primary school level, going to develop very soon.
    Being the basic foundation of the country and the future, establishment of the good education system will lift up the country’s future.
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