Negotiation is everything

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The ability to negotiate successfully in the peace talks can make all the difference to today’s political climate of our country. It is safe to assume that bilateral diplomacy is an integral part of the peace talks at the negotiation table. Only when the conflicting parties respect the validity of each other’s position can peace negotiations be productive.
One thing for all the stakeholders engaged in the peace process to bear in mind is that everything is negotiable if they can develop full negotiation consciousness. With this in mind, they should all try and be more assertive rather than aggressive. If we contain what we want, how can others fulfill it? In this respect, being assertive means expressing opinions and feelings without anger or anxiety. In other words, you should seek your own interests while respecting the interests of others.
Granted that our country has suffered prolonged spells of human capital deficiency as a direct consequence of six decades of ethnic armed conflict and political instability, it will definitely take time, patience, tolerance, understanding and trust to restore peace and stability. After all, political negotiation is a catalyst for peace, stability, change, reform and in the end development on all fronts across the country.

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