Never lose sight of the real world


Today in Myanmar, it is common to see people of different ages sitting in a teashop or on a public bus or at an office or somewhere else and tapping the screen of their smartphones, which are more available than ever in the history of the country. This is because a lot of people have fled to social networking sites where they can choose friends they like, read news they want, and look at what they want to see.
It is quite a difference for them as they have to befriend everyone they like or not, read news they want to read or not and see they want to see or not in the real world. This has become a great opportunity for propagandists to exploit social networking sites for their own purposes. It is cheaper and easier for them to use social networking sites as they can reach more people there at the same time.
Although many people will never lose sight of the real world and will not believe such propaganda, some of them might. This can still brew trouble for society. Therefore, it is important for the general public not to lose sight of the real world and to verify the post with it as there is no one to edit posts on social networking sites.

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