Never tolerate hatred-instigators

[dropcap font=”0″]M[/dropcap]yanmar is experiencing unprecedented ethnic and religious conflicts at the most important time in the history of the country. People of Myanmar are trying to build a democratic society which they have desired for decades. Democratic transition of Myanmar will degenerate into anarchism if Myanmar people allow these conflicts to grow into full-blown violence. It is clear that these conflicts are being exploited by mischievous people.
As a result, peace in Myanmar is being threatened by extremes in religious beliefs at the moment because some people are taking advantages of freedom resulted from reforms in our society.
Despite the difference the race and religious belief, Myanmar people have had a tradition of living harmoniously with other races and religions. Myanmar kings donated land and cash for mosques and churches that were built at home and abroad. We should praise them for their farsightedness.
Truly patriot people of Myanmar should be aware of this and strongly oppose those groups who are inciting hatred among the citizens as the unscrupulous people will drag our country into an abyss.
For their own future, citizens of Myanmar must tolerate the followers of other faiths but must not tolerate those who are instigating hatred among fellow citizens regardless of who they are. The hatred among fellow citizens will lead to the disintegrations of the

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