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New embossed number plates to be installed before 31 March

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Vehicles are seen lining up to get new embossed number plates at the Road Transport Administration Department.

The Department of Road Transport Administration has issued a notification regarding the installation of new embossed number plates.
State-owned departmental vehicles, highway vehicles, city buses, taxis and trucks must have embossed number plates before 31 March.
It is suggested that the new embossed number plates should be changed and installed by contacting the relevant offices of the Department of Road Transport Administration.
In addition, private vehicle owners are also urged to contact the relevant RTAD offices and have new number plates fitted at the time of the vehicle licence renewal or before.
RTAD added that new licence plates with descriptions representing different townships and car brands have been installed on all kinds of vehicles starting on 1 July 2021. — TWA/KZW

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