New Era Union Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

New Era Union Party Chairman of the Central Executive Committee U Aung Than presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 28 September.

Esteemed voters and people
I am U Aung Than, Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the New Era Union Party. Ours is one of the 14 federal democracy alliance parties.
May the strong public aspiration for democracy be fulfilled!
I will present the two essential points before explaining the policy and work programmes of the party.

The first point
The election that will be held on 8-11-2020 will be different from 1948 and 1962 elections. It will not be the same as elections held between 1962 and 1988. It is a significant election for the actual transition to multiparty democracy that will change the system and the situation. The coming election is a life-and-dead referendum for liberty and freedom.
People faced various kinds of experiences throughout the period from 1962 when democracy collapsed to the time when democracy started to grow in 2008 under the 2008 constitution and the elections in 2010 and 2015. Now the time has arrived to free the people from all ill experiences. The passion for peace is in the hearts of every citizen. Now is a turning point to express their hidden desire.
At this crossroad, we agree that the country needs a standard army that has all the capabilities and prowess to defend the Union.

An army with professional standards
Today’s Tatmadaw is an institution formed with the children of the people. It is an army with national pride set up with the nationalities. The role of the Tatmadaw is essential in building a peaceful, secure and united nation together with the people in the march towards democracy. Hands should be joined with the people in harmony and unison. We all should be in a reunion to build our Union.
We desire to restore the unity of the Union with the involvement of entire nationalities or to ensure reunion. We must convene a national conference with the participation of national races. It will draft a constitution towards a new era of the Union where nationalistic fervour and unity is intense. We believe that only the party that is elected under the said constitution will be a genuine Union government.

The second point
The core of the party is the national cause, rather than working as a political party.
We have been taking part in solving the current problems to a possible degree. We believe that free and fair election is the only peaceful way towards the multiparty democracy system. We need to have a genuinely free and fair election. We will realize our belief.
The voting process and the constitution are not enough for democracy. It needs to protect the individual fundamental rights. There cannot be democracy as long as there is no individual liberty. We must change the outlook of human society to develop democracy.
How are we going to entrust the people with power and deal with the government? There must be a change in policy and the public view for the transition to democracy. We must continue the process of policy change.
We need a public leader like General Aung San, who strictly observed the codes of conduct.
Every citizen has a strong hidden desire for peace, and they must express it openly.

Esteemed voters and people
I will continue my presentation in five parts:
1. The history of our party
2. Our conviction, policy and programmes
3. Our view of the election and our participation in it
4. Rights of the people including the voters
5. Request for votes in favour of the party
Our party is formed to realize the attitude and the conviction of the former Union Party (Pyidaungsu Party or Patasa) in accord with the age.
Our policy is to forgive, not to revenge!

Esteemed voters and people
We embrace the policy of loving-kindness.
The policy of consideration and love, the system of the early global period and policy of the new world are the policies adopted by the people of the same view. We believe that we can achieve success through the approach of loving-kindness.

Esteemed people
The following are our work programmes:
We will solve the current problems to the possible degree. Peace is the must-be-solved problem of the Union now. Democracy will be meaningful, and the Union will prosper only when there is peace. We can build a long-lasting inclusive internal peace if all the stakeholders of the internal strife seek peaceful means without any pre-conditions, and it is our steadfast belief. So, let’s restore peace, security and unity in the country through today’s peace dialogues.

Esteemed people
We will ensure rights for the civil servants since the time they join the services till retirement and pensions that meet the requirements of the modern ages for retirees.

We will realize a free and competitive trade policy that meets the international standard. We will free our nation from the LDC status by ensuring trade liberalization and open competition that is free from government involvement. Our goal is to bring down commodity prices and flood the market with essential goods through this policy. We will have plans that may raise the value of kyat in the international currency market and will enact a law that guarantees the stability of the local currency.

Public health
The current health system is still far away from covering 70 per cent of the nation’s population living in rural or remote areas.
So, we will make efforts for the adoption of an all-inclusive universal health coverage system.

We will strive for the allotment of funds from a separate heading of the national budget for child affairs and health and education.
We will implement a world-class education system. We will allow the formation of student unions and teachers unions. We will adopt a national education law that can change the current education system to meet the future requirement and for the emergence of an international level education system. We oppose sex education as it might wrongly lead children and youth.

We will issue rules that will protect employees of all professionals at all levels.

We will abolish laws that encourage the existence of landlords.

Foreign affairs
We will embrace the independent and non-aligned foreign policy.

We will enact new judicial laws that ensure fair judgments in the courts for the emergence of a judicial system that wins the public trust and respect.

Flag and Logo
The background colour of our flag is blue, meaning all nationalities of the Union living in unity as well as enjoying ups and downs.
A circle of 14 stars represents the nationalities of the Union and their characteristics.
The party’s name “The New Era Union Party” written in yellow alphabets signifies principles, integrity and technology.
NEU is the acronym of the party, and the green colour represents internal peace.
The coming election is vital as life and death for human liberty and rights. I would urge voters to increase the number of persons who can deal with legal issues well in the Hluttaw. Let us build a new democratic nation with new vision and strength. With this, I conclude.

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