New housing projects to appear in Shan State in the near future

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The photo shows a scale model of a housing project.

By Zin Lin Myint, Translated by Htut Htut (Twantay)

Now is the time when every effort is being made to gear up development measures in regions and states across the country. The Covid-19 pandemic has become an obstacle to the daily lives of the people including economic, social and education matters, making it difficult for all the enterprises both from the government and private sectors to continue in the normal way. In spite of experiencing a difficult situation, the country is working at full capacity. Food, clothing and shelter, the basic needs of human beings, is of great importance in life. The government considers having a place to live or stay as a basic human need, stepping up the implementation of the new housing projects, where necessary in the country. Now the implementation of new housing projects is being carried out with might and main
in Shan State.
As regards the implementation of the new housing projects, the Department of Urban and Housing Development of Shan State drew up urban planning in order to help develop the towns in the Shan State, especially implementing new housing projects to accommodate the government employees who have retired or are in service. An attempt to implement new housing projects is a significant factor in urban development.
The implementation of new housing projects includes 6 five-storey buildings with 120 apartments in Taunggyi, one five-storey building with 36 apartments in Tachilek, 28 buildings with 316 apartments in 10 townships in Shan State and 68 buildings with 1,046 apartments in 26 townships.
Plans have been made to increase the implementation of the new housing projects for the people. Projects have been set up in Shan State for ensuring that the urban areas in Shan State will systematically develop. The number of already-drafted projects in Shan State is six in total—Moemaik new town plan, Mongton township’s rural project, Monghsat urban project, Hopong urban project in Pa-O Self-Administered Region, Namhsan urban project in Palaung Self-Administered Zone, and Laukkai urban project in Kokang Self-Administered Zone.
Moreover, with the assistance of the British government, the Department of Urban and Housing Development of Shan State has got a plan to undertake the urban project in Taunggyi in cooperation with the British government, hoping that it will be undertaken from 2020 to 2022.
Plans are underway to implement projects for urban development in Kalaw. The authorities are planning to preserve ancient heritages since Kalaw has cold and pleasant weather and beautiful natural environment, and it is also to be created as the tourist destination site.
To be able to do so, SAL Sweden Group is going to try to implement the urban development in Kalaw after collecting data. Kalaw is gifted with tourism attractions. Efforts are being made for the implementation of the projects capable of attracting foreign tourists.
Transport plays an integral part in an effort to develop a region. For that reason, Katha-Taunggyi section of Meiktila-Kalaw-Taunggyi road has been upgraded into the concrete tarred road. Now, this road section can be used at any time in all seasons. This road section was paved with tar in the use of the latest technology. The construction of the road section saved time compared to that of the past and so it is of top quality.
The development works are now fully operational in the areas of the eastern, southern and northern parts of Shan State. In addition to the respective areas of education, health, economy and transport, housing projects are under implementation. Unlike in the past, the hope that the retired government employees and in-service ones would like to live at a shelter has come true. The implementation of private housing projects is in place.
According to the favourable geographical features of Shan State, transport and climate, those who can live in housing will be on the increase in the future. With the increasing number of people, there will be a rise in the number of migrants, too. If the government builds the high-rise apartments the people could afford to buy in partnership with the private sector, it will help contribute toward the urban development.
It is believed that Shan State having urban development plans will be able to begin with new housing projects the mass of people can live in the near future.

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