New K10,000 prize for same alphabet with first one digit

Lotory sskm
The 42nd Aung Bar Lay Lottery.

A new K10,000 prize will be awarded for the same alphabet with the first one digit in Wai Wai Sar Sar Padetha starting the 43rd Aung Bar Lay Lottery, according to the Aung Bar Lay Lottery Branch of the Internal Revenue Department under the Ministry of Planning and Finance.
Previously, it awarded K50,000 for the same alphabet with two first digits, the system is changed now to promote the lottery ticket sale rate.
“It is just an additional prize to lure the interest of people. When the lottery ticket price is K1,000 per ticket, they can get K10,000 only for the same alphabet with one first digit. If they buy five tickets, they can get K50,000 cash prizes. If they win big prizes, it will be more convenient,” said U Khin Maung Win, an Aung Bar Lay Lottery agent.
Although the authority set K1,000 per ticket, the wholesale shops resell at K1,200. When the lottery ticket was priced at K200/500 per ticket, the highest cash prize was only between K150 million and K500 million. When the ticket prices were K1,000, it increased the cash prize to K1,500 million and the highest cash prize in 2021 was K500 million depending on the ticket sale rate.
The special prize of the Aung Bar Lay Lottery is K500 million, K100 millon, K50 million while the single prizes are K10 million, K5 million, K2 million, K1 million and Wai Wai Sar Sar Padetha prizes are K300,000, K200,000, K200,000, K100,000 and K50,000.
On 1 September, the lottery ticket sales were over K3,000 million, the lottery prize was 70 per cent of the total ticket sales.—TWA/GNLM

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