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New Kamyawkin Bridge on Dawei-Kamyawkin-Launglon road commissioned into service

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The new Kamyawkin Bridge, built by Construciton Task Force-4 of the Department of Bridges under the Ministry of Construction from 16 February 2021 to 15 March 2023 was commissioned into service on Dawei-Kamyawkin-Launglon road in Dawei yesterday morning.
Speaking on the occasion, the SAC Secretary said that smooth and swift transport plays a key role in development of a region. With the aim of ensuring secure and smooth transport of commodities in Taninthayi Region, improving socio-economic life of the local people and developing tourism sector, Phayagyi-Mawlamyine-Dawei-Myeik-Bokpyin-Kawthoung road (ASEAN Highway-112) was built as the 24 feet wide two-lane AC road linking Yangon Region, Bago Region and Mon State.
Moreover, he added that Lenyar-Yadanabon road and Dawei-Myitta-Htikhee road involved in the ASEAN highway directly connected with Thailand and the Phayagyi-Mawlamyine-Dawei-Myeik-Bokpyin-Kawthoung road is being upgraded as the concrete and asphalt road. As a result, the facility can contribute to Greater Mekong Sub-region economic corridors so as to ensure smooth and swift flow of commodities, create job opportunities and contribute to regional development.
He continued to say that the Dawei special economic zone to be implemented in Taninthayi Region will contact Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam through shipping, railway and motor road. As it is an area of producing natural gas to earn income for the State, it will be crucial for development undertakings. In conclusion, the Secretary urged local people to participate in maintenance and protection of the bridge for its long term existence.
Chief Minister U Myat Ko explained regional development matters whereas Deputy Minister U Win Pe clarified construction of the bridge. SAC members Khun San Lwin and U Yan Kyaw, Region Chief Minister U Myat Ko, Commander Maj-Gen Saw Than Hlaing and Deputy Minister U Win Pe cut the ribbon to open the bridge.
The Secretary pressed the button to open the stone plaque of the bridge and the guests strolled along the bridge.
Kamyawkin Bridge is located on Dawei-Kamyawkin-Maungmakan Road in Dawei District of Taninthayi Region, linking Dawei on the east bank and Launglon on the west.
The bridge was built of RC Girder, PC Girder, Steel Arch Truss and RC Decking Slab. The facility is 1,050 feet long with a 24-foot motorway flanked by a five-foot pedestrian on either side. Its water clearance is 164 feet wide and 16 feet high. The bridge withstands AASHTOHL-93.
Old two-lane RC Kamyawkin bridge was built in 1975. The new one which is perellel with the old one was built by Construction Task Force-4 of the Department of Bridges under the Ministry of Construction. — MNA/TTA

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