New Pathein Industrial City project to finalise next year

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Scale model of New Pathein Industrial City Project being implemented in Ayeyawady Region.

PATHEIN Industrial City project being developed in Ayeyawady Delta is planned to be finalised by 2018, according to Ayeyawady Development Public Co (ADC).
The Ayeyawady Development Public Co., Ltd. signed memorandum of understanding with Singapore-based Bok Seng Logistics Co., Ltd. which has about 40 years’ experience in the logistics industry, to implement transport infrastructure that plays a crucial role in carrying out import and export businesses.
Mr Henry Ng, chairman of Bok Seng Logistics, pledged to share technology solutions for transportation and logistics sector.
The project implementer sets to spend approximately US$100 million for the new development scheme which has currently been established in designated place between Pathein and Kangyidaung townships.
“Operational stage of the factories in the new industrial city after the completion of the project in 2018 will come up with more job opportunities for local resident of the region, said U Nay Nay Hlwan Moe, vice-chairman of the ADC.
The Pathein Industrial City Project aims to improve livelihood of the area’s residents by attracting manufacturing companies to the region, to enhance the living standards of the local people and to enable investors to expand their manufacturing capacity in a new zone with ample labor supply.
Businesspersons from Taiwan, the U.S China and Thailand have been invited to invest in the new industrial port city.
The project will cover 2,200 acres of land in total. A new port which can handle cargo ship weighing 10,000 tonnes, two creek bridges, a waste water treatment plant, retaining walls and a power plant will be established within the project area under the new scheme.

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