New Shan garlic variety enters Yangon market


A new variety of garlic from the Aungban area, Shan State, entered the Yangon market in mid-February 2023, said a garlic dealer from Yaytama street in Bayintnaung market.
The large-size garlic was being sold at the wholesale price (sample price) of K5,500 per viss in front of the depots, due to the low supply. On the same day, the wholesale prices of old Shan garlic varieties ranged from K4,600 to K5,800 per viss.
The price of old Shan garlic started to rise on 19 December 2022, months before the season of new garlic varieties, as the stock is running low. On 19 January 2023, the price rose to K5100-6300 per viss.
Palm oil and garlic have been gaining market share in the domestic market for nearly two decades. Palm oil is an essential item in the domestic edible oil market and has the largest market share. Similarly, the Chinese Kyukok garlic still has almost the same market share as Shan garlic.
The new Myanmar garlic, grown in the Pakokku district, can be seen in the Mandalay market this month and traded at around K5,000 per viss. However, only a small amount of garlic was shipped to the Yangon market, due to low cultivation.
There are speculations that there is a special need to encourage and support the domestic agricultural sectors in order to reduce the market share of similar kitchen products from abroad. Reducing the import of unnecessary foreign products will provide foreign currency to be used in importing essential goods. — TWA/CT

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