New tamarind enters market during Christmas season

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Tamarinds are seen in the market.

The new Darsin (chopped) tamarind from Yamethin township enters the Yangon market at K2,300 per viss starting 14 December, according to the Sinpanlan tamarind and chilli wholesale centre.
The new tamarind usually enters the Yangon market near Christmas yearly and they are also available in the market this year.
Shortly after tamarinds from Yamethin arrived at the market, the ones from Kyaukpadaung township enter the market.
Later 2021, the new Darsin tamarind entered the market at K2,000 per viss and the prices of new ones this year are higher compared to the same period of the previous year.
Although tamarind merchants expected that prices can rise in 2022, prices of tamarinds and Shan garlic are slightly higher this year.
In early 2022, the Yangon market received the new Darsin tamarind at K2,000 per viss.
The new Pwintkat tamarind was K2,100 per viss on 28 January and K2,000-2,100 per viss on 16 December.
The Bayintnaung tamarind wholesale centre said tamarinds will not fetch good prices in 2022 while tamarind traders expect higher prices in 2022 for a large number of leftovers and various reasons.
In November, the tamarind entry to the Bayintnaung wholesale centre increased.
The Akyawswal tamarind is also exported to foreign countries. The Darsin tamarind fetches the lowest prices and is most common in the market only in the early period of the year.
The Pwintkat tamarind weighting one viss is also available in the market. The Akyawswal tamarind price is lower than Darsin tamarinds. The tamarind without seed fetches the highest price in the market.
The price of the Pwintkat and Darsin mix stands at a low level. The one-viss tamarind and pile of tamarind weighing 10/11 visses are available in the market. — TWA/KTZH

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