New Year Admonitory Message of Bhamo Sayadaw

Bamaw Sayadaw Gyi
Bhamo Sayadaw Dr Bhaddanta Kumarabivamsa

The 2017 New Year, that is, 1378-79 ME, is upon us. On this auspicious occasion, our prayers will be recited. A series of groups of universes is called an infinite or boundless universe. In these universes reside human beings, gods and Brahmas, the same as the beings in the four nether worlds. If the four nether worlds, one human world, six celestial worlds and 20 Brahma worlds are added, we have 31 worlds in the universe. These 31 worlds abound with beings. We need to send our loving kindness to all beings in these 31 worlds, praying for their health, peace and prosperity so that they can be safe and free from dangers. As a boomerang effect, we will be able to enjoy health, peace and prosperity.
And, only the Lord Buddha, being the most sophisticated one in the whole series of universe, knows that there are infinite universes. We must abide by the Buddha’s teachings. If we do wholesome deeds, we will be reborn in happy abodes. On the other hand, if we commit unwholesome deeds, our next destinations after death will be the nether worlds. Hence, we, all Buddhists nationwide and worldwide, need to take refuge in the Triple Gems — Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha — and to keep ourselves moral and pure from ill will.
I hereby pray for all beings to be wealthy, healthy, peaceful and free from all dangers.—Myanmar News Agency

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