New Year gift of media company to be used for lake dredgin

THE Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement yesterday announced that K5 million, a New Year gift presented to the personal assistant to a very important person by a media company, will be used to fund lake dredging in five villages of Tanatbin Township, Bago Region.
The President’s Office issued an announcement regarding the K50 million on Wednesday, saying that the K50 million in cash will be handed over to the SWRR Ministry to be spent on building water facilities in water-scarce areas.
The ministry said that old lakes, the sources of drinking water for 25 villages in the township, cannot be used for drinking water as seawater seeps into the lakes.
Among the villages, five villages—Ahtet Kyonpar, Natyaykan, Khalatsu, Thanattan and Kyeebinsu— will be prioritised for the installment of a drinking water supply method, the ministry added.
According to the ministry, there will be available drinking water in the villages within two weeks following the lake dredging operations.  On completion a total of 12,795 people living in 2,945 households will have access to drinking water as a result of the lake dredging operation.
The dredging of each lake is set to cost K1 million, according to the ministry.—Myanmar News Agency

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