New Year Greetings by Interfaith Groups

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Interviewed by Min Thit (MNA)/ Photo: Nay Lin
U Thaung Htaik
(Shwedagon Pagoda Board of Trustees member / Chairperson of Myanmar Interfaith Central Organization)
I make my New Year greetings to all brothers and sisters of different faiths in Myanmar to live peacefully with mutual respects for one another’s religion. I pray for the nation to be free from calamities and for all brothers and sisters from different faiths possess mental and physical wellbeing. May all Myanmar citizens overcome the pandemic.
Cardinal Charles Maung Bo
(Archbishop of Yangon, Myanmar)
I would like to urge “to visualize together” the establishment of a new Myanmar nation. We saw the united supports of the public during the democratic election in 2020.
People in ethnic regions cast votes for NLD with the hope they will get peace. It is clear that this is the time to settle disagreements related to nationalism, faiths and religions. We already gave lives, blood, and sweat. Let us make our nation recover from pains by bringing about reconciliation. No justice, no peace. The government is necessary to abide by political, economic, social, cultural and citizens’ rights. It must embrace the dignity of difference.
Let us visualize emerge of a peaceful nation after having justice in economic and environmental affairs of Myanmar. Let us visualize that displaced persons return to their natives with dignity. Let us visualize together to be Myanmar “Golden Country” and to be “the most developed nation in Southeast Asia from the poorest one” after building a democratic system, welcoming the day faiths play a central role in peace and reconciliation processes, and sharing resources with equal and transparent manners.
I pray for the disappearance of bad dreams of 2020. May the new peaceful, healthy and wealthy Myanmar nation that we imagined actually emerge.
May all citizens possess an auspicious New Year.
Dr Hla Tun
(Member of Thanantana Dhamma Palaka (Hindu) Association and Myanmar Interfaith Central Organization)
We were facing coronavirus pandemic in 2020. All people felt sorrow. I pray for all beings to be free from danger and be well and happy.
Stephen Than Myint Oo
(Archbishop of Church of the Province of Myanmar [Anglican])
The Year 2021 be an auspicious year. We faced difficulties in 2020 because of coronavirus pandemic. I pray for all citizens possess mental and physical well-beings. May God bless you all.
Al Haj Kalifa U Aye Lwin
(Myanmar) Chief Convener, Islamic Centre of Myanmar)
All Myanmar citizens and all beings across the world be well, happy and peaceful in the new year. We had many difficulties and challenges in 2020. We are facing against the common enemy of coronavirus. May peace and good health be upon you.

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