New Year Message for 2022 from Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing

THO 5423 sskm

All esteemed national brethren,
First and foremost, I extend my greetings for your mental and physical health and well-being with auspiciousness on the occasion of the New Year 2022.
The year 2021 was an important year for our country. We faced various kinds of challenges within the previous year. I implemented the stands on the peace and stability of the State, unity and development as much as possible for ensuring the firm path of multiparty democracy we all are walking today.
The Tatmadaw is always serving the interests of the State and the ethnic people in accord with the duty and obligations entrusted by the Constitution. Our government will continuously cooperate with the ethnic people in harmony for further peace and stability of the State, prosperity and food sufficiency. “As unity will reflect the prosperity”, I would like to urge all to participate in building the country peaceful and prosperous through our united strength.
COVID-19 pandemic which started in December 2019 was found in our country on 23 March 2020. During the two years, such pandemic changes its form as the variant virus. The Coronavirus disease triggered by COVID-19 changed itself to the Omicron variant virus. It has been found in our country, so all people need to take care of such a pandemic. Hence, we need to make preparations for the disease and conscience.
With regard to the vaccination, I set an aim to complete vaccination for more than 50 per cent of the targeted people in 2021. So far, people more than 18 years old have been vaccinated for more than 51 per cent. As schools have been reopened, 87 per cent of the students above 12 years old have been inoculated.
I would like to inform the people about efforts to produce the vaccines at home. It is sure to secure success. If we manufacture the vaccines at home, we would vaccinate the target people groups by cent per cent in 2022.
If one is vaccinated, one will prevent infection of the disease to some extent. If they are infected with the disease, they will have the ease of infection to some degree. Only when we all are healthy will we ourselves create our future.
The year 2022 is of importance. Coming 12 February is the Diamond Jubilee Union Day and the 4 January 2023 will be the Diamond Jubilee Independence Day. As such, this year is the pre-Diamond Jubilee period. Hence, it is important to further strengthen the sovereignty of the State and progress of the nation with development fruits.
So, we have to start the new paces for restoration of the peace this year. As it is mentioned in the fourth point of the five-point road map, all stakeholders and organizations are invited to join the peace talks.
The government will continue its endeavours for ensuring peace and stability of the State, development, the prosperity of the State, peace and emergence of the Union based on democracy and federalism and requests all the entire people to cooperate with the government in the work process.
Upholding the saying goes: “Unity will reflect the prosperity”, I would like to urge all that let’s join hands and pray again for all ethnic people to enjoy the fruits of good deeds and wishes as of this New Year.
Senior General Min Aung Hlaing
Prime Minister
Chairman, State Administration Council

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