New Year Message of greetings delivered by Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Thadoe Maha Thray Sithu Thadoe Thiri Thudhamma Min Aung Hlaing on New Year occasion in 1385 Myanmar Era Myanmar New Year Day, 13th Waning of Tagu 1385 ME 17 April 2023


I extend greetings to all people and all ethnic national brethren to be auspicious on the occasion of the Myanmar New Year.
Today is New Year’s Day of 1385 ME when we all could overcome all challenges in the old year with the concept that “The strength of the nation lies within”, by giving a helping hand to each other of the Union. I believe we all would have the capacity to pass the year 1385 ME with unity not less than the previous year.
During the past year, the State Administration Council led by myself successfully solved the Covid-19 pandemicissue through the united strength of the government, Tatmadaw and the people. Now, we are striving for shaping a safe and healthy environment for all citizens and creating good health practices in the long run. Food security is important for all citizens to have a healthy lifestyle.
The national objective was adopted to encourage manufacturing based on agriculture and livestock farms which plays a key role in the primary livelihoods of the citizens so as to ensure food security.
Our country faced economic crises in 2021. As the internal strength was stronger in 2022, productivity rose up. Reopening border trade to some extent contributed to running industries and rising about +3 per cent for the State GDP. It is necessary to operate firm businesses as well as to encourage domestic manufacturing for booming the State economy. The government is encouraging MSME businesses. I firmly believe that if people strive for exporting greater products, this year’s economic development will be higher than the previous years. The family spirit is the backbone of a family and the Union spirit is the lifeblood of a Union as well. If we all value the shade of the Union as our lives in doing everything, the development momentum of the nation will not halt. I believe we will reach our goal without fail.
Peace and tranquillity are essential for the democratization of the nation. The countries facing terror acts will delay development. If everybody makes efforts with righteousness and honesty for the sake of the nation and the Union, the country will have developed in line with the “Keep Moving Forward to Achieve Our Goal”.
Likewise, the success of a person depends on the accumulation of knowledge and skills. It shows everybody needs to have an education. So, the enhancement of school education for all school-age children with the national spirit will bring prosperity to the country.
Everybody knows man matters most. A man participates in all measures such as political, social and economic matters. Leadership, obedience and the creation of humans are crucial in all aspects. If we all actively and adorably serve our duties in cooperation with each other in respective sectors, the country will achieve victory without fail as we anticipate. On the auspicious occasion of the early period in 1385 ME, I would like to urge all to serve the interests of the State while amending the weakness and enhancing the strong points of the old year.
Let’s join hands to serve the interests of the nation in unison!

Thank you all.

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