New Year resolutions should include humanitarian needs

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Some people take their New Year resolutions seriously, while some just bid farewell to the old year on New Year’s Day. Many people are accustomed to the thinking that they have washed away all evil, bad habits and dirty thoughts with the water they have thrown during Thingyan. There is no denying that everybody has made some sort of New Year resolutions, whether they realise it or not. People change with the passing of time. So do their wishes and aspirations. Taken seriously, New Year resolutions provide us with an opportunity to gauge our goals.
In the New Year, we can use the start of a new year to make significant changes that can have a lasting impact on our life and our country.
Now is the time when the country is transforming itself into a democratic nation in accordance with the wishes of all the people. And it is also the time for all the nationalities to contribute their labour and efforts in unity for  national reconciliation, internal peace and for the emergence of a Federal Democratic Union.
To achieve peace, for democratic transformation to continue with vigour, for our Union to endure, we all need to work together with each other with unflagging zeal, constant vigilance and diligence to the best of our mental and physical abilities.
Today is the time for the people and the new generation to work with a new mindset and renewed strength for the country and for future generations.
Our country is now on the road toward peace. Building peace sets a value on beauty, elegance, truth and peaceful co-existence. Building the path of peace based on these values can lead us to the goal we desire.
We believe all humans on this earth are desirous of, and aspire to, peace. Only those who do not understand the meaning and value of peace do not set a value on it and are thus not desirous of it.
This year is a great challenge for our country, which needs stability and national reconciliation. Myanmar has not had total peace since it became an independent nation. This is why peace is the country’s most important goal. Without peace, we can not achieve sustainable prosperity.
In this Myanmar New Year, whatever resolution we adopt for our own country, it has to meet the standard of humanity and human needs.
Nothing but total, lasting peace should be our country’s New Year resolution.

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