New Year Special Message of Sitagu Sayadaw, Sagaing Hill

Sitagu Sayadaw Ashin Nyanissara

How to live in life, like swim ming across a sea
Life is very wide and deep with full of storms and tidal waves. Life is like a sea. If someone is not in motion or is unable to swim, it is not sure to avoid sinking or floating.
• Continuous effort must be made in swimming to reach the shore.
• It is needed to know ‘swimology’.
• ‘Swimology’ must be learnt.
• Swimming skill is required.
By developing great courage, firm determination, brave endeavour and profound wisdom, the most traditional and ancient way of living in life, like swimming across the wild sea with dangerous aquatic creatures, is the ‘Eightfold Noble Path’ with eight components.
The noble persons in the past followed this path, and the future ones will follow suit.
The nobler ones of the present time are also on the same path.
May all the persons with devotion to good deeds cross the sea with tidal waves and dangerous aquatic creatures along the single path of -ology. It is the ‘Eightfold Noble Path’. The most important meaning is ‘swimology’.
Swimology is the most important.
The most important is Swimology.
That is the ‘Eightfold Noble Path’.

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