Newly-emerged Mindhamma Garden City Housing Project

By Zin Lin Myint; Photos: K Zin

Dwellers in Yangon City have greater chances for choosing apartments for living many housing projects are under implementation. Number of purchasing housing apartments is down because local people adjust incomes and their desire to buy apartments. Nonetheless, those facing accommodation difficulties have brighter future to own the accommodation. To fill their needs, Mindhamma Garden City Housing Project recently emerged as a new one in Yangon City.
The housing project located at the corner of Mindhamma Road and Parami Road in Hline Township commenced in November 2016. The Ministry of Education and Myanmar Imperial Vega Company joined hands in building the housings. Some of these housings were inaugurated on 26 December 2019.
Especially, a plan is underway to allow faculty members of universities under the Ministry of Education to reside at the apartments from the project. It aims to provide convenient accommodation to the faculty members discharging duties in Yangon Region.
So far, Mindhamma Pyinnya Yeiktha housing for faculty members, Hline Pyinnya Yeiktha staff housing and new science equipment factory have been completed in the project. These housings include apartments for educational staff.
Mindhamma Pyinnya Yeiktha housing was formed with 788 apartments each of which has 1,200 square feet of area and 112 apartments with 800 square feet of area each. The Yeiktha comprises nine 12-storey buildings and two eight-storey buildings with 900 apartments. Moreover, the Yeiktha consists of a car park, a swimming pool and gymnasium, a community centre and two market buildings.

High living standard
This is why faculty members and educational staff will have chances to enjoy high living standard in residing at Mindhamma Pyinnya Yeiktha. Neat and tidy streets, high-rise buildings, shopping centre and transport facilities will create a good social environment for the educational staff.
Especially, the residences will have chances to systematically station their automobiles at the car park building. They do not need to station their vehicles on the roads at night. Those residences will have to park their private cars and office vehicles conveniently at the designated place by paying set fees for parking. As high-rise buildings in Yangon City are facing difficulties of car parks as a challenge, the project covered construction of the car parks at its buildings for solving the car park problems of owners so as to ease traffic congestion and traffic accidents.

Mindhamma Garden City Housing Project in Hlaing Township, Yangon.
Mindhamma Garden City Housing Project in Hlaing Township, Yangon.

Formation of 520 apartments
Hline Pyinnya Yeiktha staff housing included in Mindhamma Garden City Housing Project comprises 520 apartments in three types with 1,800 square feet area, 900 square feet area and 600 square feet area each.
In so doing, the project must be implemented to construct seven eight-storey buildings with 520 apartments. So far, three eight-storey buildings have been built with 184 apartments. The remaining buildings are under construction.
Moreover, one four-storey community centre and one three-storey science equipment factory including a basement have been put into service at Hline Pyinnya Yeiktha staff housing. The government allotted apartments to teachers at the staff housing so as to live there conveniently while dutifully carrying out their assigned tasks.
Parami Pyinnya Yeiktha (1) is included in Mindhamma Garden City Housing Project. So far, one five-storey two-unit building with 10 apartments and two two-storey buildings for opening the training school were inaugurated at Parami Pyinnya Yeiktha (1) on 26 December 2019. Each apartment of the building has 3,600 square feet of area.
Strenuous efforts are being made to complete construction of remaining four eight-storey buildings and eleven 12-storey buildings to have 1,280 apartments in 2020 and 2021. That is why relevant government departments and the construction company need to work in concert for ensuring timely completion of the buildings.
In fact, the Ministry of Education gave an order of implementing the project to the Ministry of Construction which will be project supervisor in mutual cooperation with the construction company. Upon completion, the project will produce some 2,400 advanced apartments for facilitating educational staff members who face difficulties of accommodation.

Mushrooming housing projects
Implementation of new satellite town projects, garden city projects, special industrial zone and low-cost, affordable-cost and fair-cost housing projects are mushrooming here and there in Yangon City in order to benefit the city dwellers. Among them, Mindhamma Garden City Housing Project is also one of the new images in improvement of Yangon City. Translated by Than Tun Aung

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