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U Thawdar, Political Advisor of the Inn National Development Party presented the policy, political outlook and programs of their party on 5 February 2017 from the Radio and TV programs.
The full text of his presentation is given below:
1. Citizens of the Union, all ethnic nationals living in the Inle region of Nyaungshwe Township, and all those who love Inle lake, I send my Metta with respect for your physical and mental wellbeing.
2. I am U Thawdar, Political Advisor of the Inn National Development Party. In this By-Election also, I am State Hluttaw Representative for Nyaungshwe Township No. 1 and also a candidate. Our party was established on 1 June 2019 and our serial number is 27. In the 2010 Multi-party elections our party won four seats in the various Hluttaws. We also have work experience in the State government and the various Hluttaws.
3.  Although our party is called “Inn National Development Party”, we do not have narrow racial views. In the current Multi-party Democracy System, out of (91) political parties,
(57) political parties have given ethnic national names openly and transparently.  We may say this is the way a Multi-party Democracy operates. We have had many good and capable resident ethnic nationals during the many different political periods, in areas such as politics, economics, in administration and in the social life, but we have been left behind and only had the chance to take what was given, supplement others and receive indirectly what was given to others. That is why we formed this political party and contested in this election to get a political platform. The significant point is that we are contesting only in the Inle area of Nyaungshwe Township where the majority of Inn Thars live. This is our way of showing “Union spirit” which means friendship among ethnic national races and for all ethnic nationals to get equal opportunities.  It is now because we want political power or because we crave for power. If we cannot get onto the political stage, no matter which government comes to power or what party wins in the elections, Inn Thars will always be in the last position. We know this from the lessons of history, dear ethnic nationals.
4. Today in our country, we can see that the Tatmataw, ethnic armies, the people and political parties were able to successfully convene the Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong for the second time and are working with deep commitment and high spirits.
5. In February 1947, to gain independence, General Aung San and those who took a major role in signing the Panglong Agreement successfully namely Sawbwa of Nyaung Shwe Sao Shwe Thaike and people’s representative U Tin Aye (Shan States) were people’s representatives, and people with political acumen. To put it another way, they gave birth to the Union spirit and the Panglong spirit. That is why I wish to boldly say that the Inn Thar National Development is fully imbued with Union Spirit.

U Thaw Tar 1 72
U Thawdar, Political Advisor of the Inn National Development Party.

6. Our Party’s aims and national policy
(a) We will work for the progress of all ethnic nationals on an equal basis and for the Union to develop in the areas of economics, education, health and social welfare and furthermore to be on the same level as other Asean countries.
(b) We will establish a Federal Republic system.
(c) We will work for all ethnic nationals to have equal rights and will always support the right to self-determination.
7. Our political outlook
We will practice a Multi-Party political system;  there shall be no discrimination and there shall be equal rights. We will treat all other parties with respect
8. Our Economic Program
(a) We will practice a Market economy system. We will work for the progress of the banking sector. We will give special encouragement to foreign banks to set up banks in Myanmar.
(b) In the economy there shall be no special privileges for anyone. The Union government will give encouragement to local entrepreneurs who wish to produce goods, housing, roads and bridges. The Union government will give encouragement.
(c) The Union government will guarantee all legal tender.
(d) Taxation must not become a burden for the citizens. We will give necessary assistance to all those who have paid taxes whether they are individuals or companies.
9. Our political program
(a) We will have relations with all countries with respect.  We will give priority to economic, social and transport areas and cooperate.
(b) We will cooperate with other countries for the preservation of the environment, combatting terrorism and world peace.
(c ) We will live in peace with all neighbouring countries according to the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence.
10. Defence program
(a) We will use the Tatmataw as the main pillar for national defence and security matters and allow the people to assist with patriotic spirit.
(b) We will introduce a national draft law under which all males must serve in accordance with the wishes of the people.
(c) We will work towards a highly skilled, modern, professional and patriotic Defence services.
(d) We will work to elevate the political, military and economic powers, namely the Three Strengths with a good management system.
11. Ethnic nationals program
(a) We will work effectively in accordance with the law for protecting the rights of ethnic nationals.
(b) We will cooperate with other ministries for the development of handicrafts of ethnic nationals.
(c) We will give special priority to develop the life of minorities.
12. Labour affairs program
(a) We will work for the Union government and the private sector to cooperate to conduct training programs for enhancing the professional skills and qualifications of workers.
(b) We will work for the enactment of laws to protect the rights and benefits of citizens who work in foreign countries.
(c) We will reform existing regulations so that there is guarantee of employment and to ensure that health and social benefits are modern and in line with the times.
13. Programs for farmers
(a) We will work for the expansion of farmland as a matter of priority and to ensure success under any circumstances.
(b) We will work properly and speedily for the system of giving back farmland to farmers in accordance with the wishes of the farmers.
(c) We will seek new ways for the Union bank and private banks to cooperate to make sure that farmers will be able to farm work with ease.
14. Conclusion
The Inn National Development Party was able to work with success for the emergence of a National Day for Innthars . After overcoming many difficulties, we were able designate a reunion day for Innthars as a first step. Now we have “Inn Nationals Day” recognized.
Citizens and ethnic nationals,
We will submit in accordance with the law for the emergence of an Administrative Area of Inn National at the Union Peace Conference – (21st Century Panglong Conference where the wishes of the Ethnic Nationals can be expressed and presented.  We have worked hard to present these wishes during the last five years.
We also wish to boldly state that the Inn National Development Party had never seceded from the Shan State and will also never secede from the Union.
In conclusion, I wish to urge you to choose our Inn Nationals Development Party, a party owned by the Inn Thars who row their boats with their legs and are known worldwide. We have worked for the Inn National to get on the political stage and to uplift their dignity. I therefore urge you to vote for the Inn National Development Party with votes from the depths of your hearts, for the emergence of a  Federal Union and for the beauty of the Inle region. I request this to all the people of Nyaungshwe Township.—(Unofficial Translation)

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