News media continues reporting in Yathedaung, Maungtaw Townships

Koe Tan Kaunk copy
Foreign and Local media observe Maungtaw POE.

The group of local and foreign news media who arrived in Maungtaw township, Rakhine State to report from the scene continued their news gathering in Maungtaw and Yathedaung yesterday.
Media representatives went to port of entry (POE) in Maungtaw yesterday morning, gathering news on immigration and commodity exports.
Via the Maungtaw POE, fishing products, dried fish and mung beans have been exported to the neighboring country from December 24 until now. In March exports were valued at about US$490,000.
Afterward, the Chief of No. (1) Border Guard Police Headquarters Police Brig-General Thura San Lwin and U Ye Htut, chairman of Maungtaw District Management Committee, answered the questions of reporters on security, peace and stability, rule of law in the area, education, health and upgrading socio-economic life.
The journalists also reported on the plan to build 100 houses for local nationals to live, in Kyaukpandu village, Maungtaw township, under the arrangement of the Ministry of Border Affairs, and the situations of the Koetangauk police outpost in Yathedaung township, which was attacked by terrorists on October 9, 2016.

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