News posted on RB website on 10 January found to be false

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Kori Mullar said in the interrogation that he was neither beaten nor asked for money by the government troops.

In a news article posted on the RB News website on 10 January, it was written that government forces arrested Kori Mullar, son of Shahalar Tular, at the village of Kyarkhaungtaung in Maungtaw township, Rakhine State, beat him and asked him to show the hiding places of weapons. He was further told that he could pay Ks10 lakhs if he did not want to be tortured. In reply to their alleged demands, the accused was said to have paid Ks10 lakhs to the authority concerned.
Departmental officials, military officers and border guard police investigated Kori Mullar in the presence of village elders and villagers. Kori Mullar said that he was neither beaten nor asked for money. He made a statement of his own and signed it, investigators said. The Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Service released the news that no injuries or bruises were found on the body of Kori Mullar.

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