Ministry of Health and Sports Myanmar 5

8:15 P.M., 25-3-2020

1. Global status on COVID-19
(Statistics provided by WHO at 11:30 pm, local standard time, on 24-3-2020)
-Number of infected countries -195
-Number of global positive lab results -375,493
-Number of global deaths -16,362
-Global mortality rate -4.4%
Global status-

No.CountryFrom beginning to current period
Number of positive casesTotal deaths
(၈)South Korea9,037120
(၁၀)United Kingdom6,654335

Note: The list shows nations with the highest infection rate

16 countries with number of positive cases between 1,000 to 6,500: The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Australia, Portugal, Sweden, Brazil, Turkey, Malaysia, Denmark, Canada, Israel, Czech Republic, Japan and Ireland.
15 countries with number of positive cases from 500 to 1,000: Pakistan, Luxembourg, Thailand, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Chile, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Romania, India, Singapore and Qatar.
A total of 177 nations and regions infected with local transmission.
2. COVID-19 status in Myanmar as of 12 p.m. 25-3-2020:
275 suspected patients under quarantine:
Patients tested negative for COVID-19 -212
Lab tests still in progress -61
3. COVID-19 status in Myanmar’s
Number of positive cases – 3 (2 hospital quarantine, 1 facility quarantine)
All three infected are imported cases. Two of them are quarantined at Waibargi Specialist Hospital, Yangon, and the other is quarantined at Tiddim Township General Hospital, Chin State.
4. There 504 people under quarantine in hospitals, hotels and facilities across the states/regions from 31-1-2020 to 25-3-2020.
(Hospital Quarantine)
Kandaw Nadi Hospital, Mandalay – 67
Waibargi Specialist Hospital          – 59
Hospitals in other states/regions  – 34
Hotel Quarantine                              – 158
Facility Quarantine                          – 186
5. The Ministry of Health and Sports is continuing to examine for people who have been in close contact with patients that have COVID-19 and quarantining them. The ministry is administering health guidelines, disseminating authentic news and urges the public to closely follow ministry-issued health guidelines. —Ministry of Health and Sports

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