Ngapali hoteliers prepare for post-COVID-19 tourism business

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Picture shows Ngapali Beach. Photo: Khayan Soe Myint

Hoteliers are preparing for the post-COVID-19 tourism in Ngapali Beach, one of Myanmar’s leading tourist destinations with luxury hotels, resorts and golf course along its 3 km long beach. Ngapali beach, on the west coast of Myanmar facing India ocean, is located about 4 miles from Thandwe Township. The main transportation to the beach is taking the flight to Thandwe airport.
The name “Ngapali” was given to a little village in Thandwe District in 1826, after the first Anglo-Burmese War, by Italians who reached there. According to them, the beach is so similar to a beach in Napoli, a city in Italy and the name became “Ngapali” on the Rakhine people’s tongue.
After a visit of the former President U Thein Sein, Ngapali was developed into a township from a village in 2014. Tourism has been booming in Ngapali since colonial time and still a renowned place all around the world. — Khayan Soe Myint (Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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