Ngapali’s natural beauty draws international attention

MOHT News Photo16.3.2015 5

Stretching 8 miles from north to south on the western coast of Myanmar, Ngapali beach is renowned for its natural beauty and safety for swimmers. The beach, located in Thandwe Township, Rakhine State, attracts many international tourists, many of whom enjoy diving among coral reefs or surfing.
As the number of tourists rises year by year, flights schedules have increased and new hotels and bungalows have been popping up.  The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism is taking measures to minimise the environmental impact of the rising visitor numbers, working on conservation together with local authorities and hoteliers. To improve the status of the beach Ngapali beach was upgraded into a town, an airport in Thandwe was expanded, roads to the beach were upgraded and a detour was built. Construction of a new dam and the installation of new power lines have improved living standards for local residents. —MOHT

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