Ngathaingchaung’s handicrafts businesses operate for workers’ income

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Some businesses of making value-added handicrafted products from cane, bamboo and water hyacinth in Ngathaingchaung Town were operating so that workers get regular income during coronavirus, according to the town’s Aung Family value-added product business.
“Although the handicrafted product’s market is not good during the pandemic, the products are being made for distribution in post-coronavirus. Bamboo hats and bamboo products have been made in Ngathaingchaung Town, Pathein District, Ayeyawady Region more than 20 years ago,” said U Aung Lwin, owner of the value-added product business.

About 60 value-added products including bamboo kettles, cups, trays, paintings and handbags are being produced from cane, bamboo and water hyacinth during COVID-19 for workers’ income security and distribution of the products with low and fair prices in post-coronavirus, he added.
The alternative of using handicrafted personal care products to plastic products can reduce environmental degradation and health disadvantages. — Soe Min Oo(IPRD) (Translated by Kyaw Zin Tun)IMG 20210116 125226 72 scaled

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