Night buses are as important as daytime buses

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Hundreds of thousands of people in Yangon commute between work and home by bus, spending two or three hours a day travelling. That’s why the buses have become the bedrock of the city’s public transport system as their fares are affordable.
It is clear that lowly paid workers see buses as a reliable and affordable means to get around and also a viable alternative to own cars. People with low incomes spend a high proportion of their salary on their commutes.
Bus fares are not a problem in the daytime, but they get higher at night as there is no official night bus service in the city. Daytime buses stop running at around 8pm. People who work late have to rely on illegal private buses and have to pay a double fare for the same journey. High bus fares have become the burden upon them. Its impact is unnoticeable on a daily basis, but how much they have spent on the night-time commutes will alarm them at the end of the month.
As night buses are as equally important to lowly paid workers as daytime buses, parliamentarians should adopt policies for night bus services and make them work for the people to whom they owe a great debt of gratitude.
It is, therefore, important for the Central Supervisory Committee for All Private Bus Lines to meet the needs of the passengers in recognition of the public transport system as national concern. And the government should invest more in public transport and become aware that buses matter a lot to ordinary commuters in their everyday lives.

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