NLD patron Thura U Tin Oo shares views on first year term of government

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    KhinMaungHtwe, Yi YiMyint
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NLD patron Thura U Tin Oo.

When asked for his view of the one-year term of the current government, the veteran patron of the NLD Thura U Tin Oo said yesterday that much had been achieved, and much remained to be done.
“There have been multiple accomplishments as well as many cases left to be pursued and settled. There is only so much that can be done in a year after half-a-century of military rule and a one-party system. We have to find and deal with its roots one by one and it will take time. Of course, it will encourage the people if that process can be put in a timeframe.”
“There are still armed conflicts even today, so we should learn something from this and (implement a) cease fire. It will be even better if all the armed ethnic groups were involved, and it seems it is more effective if things are carried out with faith, compassion and intimacy,” Thura U Tin Oo said when asked for his opinion of the peace process.
“Our leader has met with our ethnic brethren and zealously pursued to end armed conflicts. If trustworthy words and actions are shown from both sides and it leads to the right path, then it will benefit the nation. The entire nation needs to foster this mindset for it to become a reality,” he added.
When asked for his view on criticism concerning the financial sector during the NLD government’s one-year term, Thura U Tin Oo replied, “We can’t expect too much to happen in one year after decades of a previous economic system. If the challenges are dealt with in a disciplined and systematic way, then it can become effective. It can be guessed that the economy has shifted to the negative after the system enforced by the Parliament-democratic era of the Union Revolutionary Council. Similarly, my understanding is that the effects of this era’s workings will only produce visible results in the years to come”.
As is the custom in politics there has been admiration as well as criticism during the NLD government’s term. When asked what message he would like to send to the critics, the veteran patron said criticism was welcome.
“There has been many criticism and complaints on a myriad of cases, but the bright side is that this is evidence that the public is no longer afraid to voice their opinions. A government is not free of criticism, but if we persevere step by step with the people’s will in mind, then there is no doubt challenges can be dealt away.”
Thura U Tin Oo was also asked which qualities a person should possess in order to be revered, such as Bogyoke Aung San. “Good morals and honesty. Good morals attract trust and a person with questionable morals will find it extremely difficult to become a leader of the people”, he said.
“Bogyoke Aung San had a strong and calm disposition and he was well respected for his morals and the genuine sacrifice of his personal life for the good of the nation.
He also said things that were reasonable and had the drive to make them come true, for example, history has proven his skills when he promised independence within a year. However it is a great loss that he had to die so young while serving the nation,” he added.
Of his expectations for State Counsellor DawAung San Suu Kyi, he said he had much confidence in her to continue to lead the country and its people.
“I have great trust in her. She takes accountability for her promises. She takes great risks when travelling to meet ethnic leaders for the peace process. I want to wish her good health and safety from danger”, he said.
In conclusion, the veteran NLD patron said: “May each and everyone be able to maintain generous compassion and unity of mind while peacefully striving for development of all ethnic races in the country. I hope to see something that ensures a path towards everlasting peace and unity among the ethnic races before us (the older generation) die. May everyone be at peace. That is all.”

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