No more political splits, please

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Myanmar has had a tradition of political factionalism since the period of the Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League (AFPFL). One splinter group was led by former Prime Minister U Nu and Thakhin Tin, whereas the other was led by U Ba Swe and U Kyaw Nyein. Since then, Myanmar people have been used to holding negative sentiments toward politics and individual politicians. Politicians were accused of being impractical, just talking while doing nothing, only pursuing their own interests. Some even went so far as to say that politics was a refuge of scoundrels.
In this regard, it is worth noting that there are two schools of thoughts—national politics and party politics. Those who claim themselves to be national politicians are in the habit of attacking party politicians under the pretext of patriotism. They will shout at the top of their lungs for the preservation of the patriotic spirit, the protection of their country from alien cultures and the promotion or propagation of the Buddhist faith. They will also tend to accuse party politicians of being power maniacs. Because of their malicious attacks, people have come to think that politicians are not patriots.
Nevertheless, so-called national politicians are found to be dressed in patriotic cloaks, abusing power, misusing public property for their own personal gain. In fact, there can be only a handful of so-called national politicians who dare to declare their freedom from graft and corruption.
On the other hand, there are also party politicians who have a profound love for their country. Although these people belong to a political party, they place the national interest in the fore, striving to ensure the non-disintegration of the Union; non-disintegration of national unity; and the perpetuation of sovereignty.
General Aung San is a vivid example of such a politician. Although he belonged to the AFPFL, he was a patriot, always placing national interest over his party’s interest. And many famous world leaders are also members of political parties. This being so, all politicians, be they party politicians or national politicians, must work for the growth and development of their nations.
In conclusion, The Global New Light of Myanmar would like to call all politicians, regardless of whether they consider themselves party politicians or national politicians, to draw lessons from the past, to be united in preventing factionalism, to show magnanimity to all, regardless of party affiliation, and to work together for national development.

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