No one is above the law!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • The term, “Law” is the word we hear almost always in our societies. Despite being a word we get used to, it is necessary for us to be well convinced of its meaning so that we will come to know its essence and coverage of its effect. One of the definitions defined in dictionaries is meant for “The whole system of rules that everyone in a country or society must obey.” Everyone means every person or all people, so it includes from grass-root people to the king or governing body. Law, rule, act, regulation, order, principle and code are legal terms. Generally speaking, these are what we must abide by. Even if people live alone, they need to live in their own way. For example, when a person keeps Sabbath, he must curb his mind because minds are apt to wander. Failing that, he cannot concentrate his mind. A person who keeps Five Precepts is living under the rules. Although we have inborn human rights—freedom of expression, freedom of choice, we are required to keep social ethics, code of practices and code of conduct. Being humans living together in a community or society, we need to live in peace in our environment.
    In fact, we make laws ourselves. Legislature panel formed by parliamentarians we select draw up laws and enact them. They are then to be promulgated by the parliament for us to follow. So, drawing up a law can be said to be of great importance for all citizens. Executive bodies execute their duties by exercising laws, rules and regulations. What I mean is that we all will be subject to loopholes if there are weak points in these laws and rules. Something may be suitable at one time, but not everything is right and suitable all the time. With the passage of time, it may need amending. Here and there in our country, we hear and experience inexorable rise of crime and complaints of judicial orders. “There is no smoke without fire,” as the saying goes. Provided that there are strong laws and rightful judicial orders, we will never face such complaints. These are, in fact, caused by lack of rule of law in the country. It is said that people of power in authority and wealth manipulate laws and rules with loopholes for own sake. There seems to be an element of hyperbole that lack of rule of order has deep-rooted in our country. Ultra-opportunists are now above the law. If the great problem goes uncared, they will be above the law and the country will be ruined in less than a decade.
    The only recipe to overcome the national problem is the emergence of a flawless constitution that will guarantee the secure future of our country and our people. It is generally accepted that we can guess the status of peace, stability and development of a country by studying its constitution. Even as laypersons, we notice that our leaders have already pondered over the problem. As conscientious citizens, we as well should have decided to make active participation for the emergence of the constitution, we hoped for long.
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