No pain, no gain: With efforts of both physical and mental pain Our Independence in 1948 regained

By Dr Khin Maung Nyunt

(1) In the following rhymed couplets
The writer wisher to tell the readers his best.
The story of national Independence regain with great efforts of physical and mental pain.
(2) In terms of human history
Half a century is not a period of time’s longevity.
(3) In the unlucky year of 1885
The British Colonialists annexed.
Thibaw’s kingdom, with no fight
They sat up Colonial Rule in Myanmar
As they had done in sub-continent India
But all Myanmar Ethnics resisted with might and main.
But all ended in all sad vain.
(4) For few decades Colonial Rule swayed
With black Englishmen [I.C.S] in high posts.
(5) But British Colonial education cuts both ways like razor edge like.
It opened up Myanmar eye.
To the world which was changing in endless time.
A new generation of Patriots was born
To take the place of older generation to be gone.
(6) The first victory of young Patriots arise set up. Rangoon University of their choice.
Inspired by new currents of the World.
(7) New Myanmar patriots wake up in the form of Thakhins to fight for freedom
(8) From the yoke of United Kingdom.
Under the influences of inter war period.
They wake up from their political lethargy.
England’s difficulty was Ireland’s opportunity.
So also was Colonial difficulty was Myanmar’s opportunity.
Young Patriots Thakhins secretly want out.
In quest of friends and allies abroad.
China, in vain of Japanese invasion was unable to give help in vain.
So called Yebaw Thone gyeik [30 comrades]
Headed by young Thakhin Aung San the great.
Japanese Fascists contend in time.
To train them in modern warfare and strategy of the kind.
On the island of Hainan.
Yebaw Thone gyike underwent severe training long run.
BIA was founded. Japan’s promise of Myanmar Independence
Once they set on Myanmar’s soil
Bogyoke Aung San the minister of war founded BIA [ Burma’s Independence Army]
But the promise was not kept by the Japanese.
In fact they gave Shan Independence military Fascist Rule prewar
Bogyoke Aung San sent out Thakhin Thein Pe [ Tet phone Gyi Thein Pe Myint]
To Western Alliance headquarter at Simla
To first out Japanese Fascist to gather post-World War II in England
new Labor Introduced new home clement Attlee policy
Our burned by post-war problems
He outrightly overturned on all runs.
“Colonies are like mile stones around our neck
So better return their Independence
So called simla white paper the back British brought was a British hypocracy of a sort.
Instead of independence, it was British Colonial Rule comeback.
Bogyoke and Myanmar Ethnics to rise in arms if Independence not granted.
Atlee invited Bogyoke Aung San
For parley at London Parliament
Attlee liked honesty and frank of Bogyoke Aung San
(9) It’s promise of Independence within one year run
Bogyoke Aung San made political campaigns across country
For the First Panglong Unity Parliament
New constitution of British Parliament Democracy was hailed as the most democracy.
Unfortunately Bogyokes Executive Committee was assassinated on 1947.
Successor Thakhin Nu took over the charge for some years.
But he could no longer carry out fairer.
(10) Successive military Dictatorship in the names of Burma People Socialist Party.
Successor military dictators also tried best
Under the name various forms of military democracy
(11) Turning point comes about when Daw Aung San Su Kyi led
NLD party won Victory
Like founder daughter Daw Aung San Suu Kyi,
Nobel Peace Laureate
With friends and allies carrying the state to weather storm to 2nd Panglong Unity of 21st Century.
To establish a Democratic Federal Union
(12) On 37 points she had achieved agreement
With all national ethnic groups met great extent.
ASEAN, UN and world Power, giving her morale and physical support
On this occasion
Independence Day.
With apologies to all English poets.

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