No pretence lasts

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There is nothing we can gain from pretending to be someone we are really not. And if any, it is just for a moment. Once the truth is out, your name is mud!
Undeniably, a lie breeds another. That’s why wrongdoers find themselves in committing wicked schemes one after another. To make it more clearer, writer and publisher of The Daily Motivator Ralph Marston once beautifully noted that ‘the most miserable people are those who care only about themselves, understand only their own troubles and see only their own perspective.
Entertaining evil thoughts will only imprison us in the long run or in the end. Even if we can keep up the pretence of neutrality and sincerity for some time, our fame and name gained in such a manner is transitory.
People in this age of information and technology are quite different from their ancestors in terms of knowledge. Today, people have come to sense that ignorance is not always bliss.
Therefore, it is necessary for people who are obsessive about jealousy and egoism to start to take notice of their abnormal behaviour.
The best way to live life in a simply way is to live from the heart. Although a world free from violence and injustice is out of the question, we should rather focus on positive possibilities and act on them than to ever crying over the spilled milk.

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