Noble Profession in Myanmar dominated by women

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Every individual needs to work for his or her survival. In this frenetic age, youths entering the labour force are always busy trying to look for promising careers—well-paid jobs. Nowadays it is difficult to decide to eke out their living as a teacher, especially for men. And it is more difficult to be a life-long teacher. In today’s job-hunters’ minds, they cannot see a teacher blessed with great respect and trust from the people—parents and their offspring. They go against having a teaching career, knowing it fetches only a small income. Granted that money is important for our living, they cannot be blamed. Especially men are staying away from pursuing a teaching career. However, most young women who could not find a job in private companies eventually decided, faute de mieux, to choose the teaching career. Some professions remain bastions of male chauvinism and some are still exercising glass-ceiling system in promoting their staff. Thus, the teaching profession is gradually becoming a profession dominated by women. Even then, they avoid going to remote areas.  Every job hunter would be happy to get a job in the civil service, especially as a teacher. As time goes by, teachers in rural areas tend to gradually lose their interest in teaching. They are feeling as if shouldering a great burden under various kinds of pressure in the class-room. Why? In answer to the ever-rising inflation rate, most teachers cannot resist the temptation of finding an extra income for their daily household expenditure. To make ends meet , they are at least required to give private tuition to weak students in their free time. They cannot spend their free time with their families. This is one more burden added to the usual pressure in their class-rooms. The thought of making extra money is present in their minds most of the time. Ideas to pursue further knowledge on the job in their free time soon vanish from their thoughts. We may see that most of the primary assistant teachers go back home very late at night. How exhausting their days are!
Teachers are piling up in towns and cities, more than in remote rural areas. Undeniably, there is a huge knowledge gap between urban and rural regions. We should not neglect this phenomenon. Rural areas are considered to be sleepy backwaters for youths because these areas lack basic amenities such as:  electricity, internet connection, cinemas, shopping centers, places for recreation, etc. Increasingly, there is a rush for knowledge among today’s youths for their self-development. They think that these are available only in urban areas. If we believe that younger minds are important in building up our nation from the state of lagging much behind our neighboring countries in technology and in every field, we must try hard to narrow the gap. Like town-dwellers, rural residents also want opportunities for vocational training and higher education. To solve this problem, depends not only on the government but also upon all of us. The government must fulfill material needs, that is, try to ensure the well-being of all its civil service personnel. On our side, we must show our reliance, warm welcome and great respect for our teachers. Spiritual support is of vital importance for all. Figuratively speaking, it is nutritious sustenance for our teachers.   How much hard the government tried to increase their pays and wages, the problem cannot be dealt with under the existing circumstances. Increasing commodity prices follow pay raises. We have never seen any ultra-opportunists to behave other than exploitatively. They have never missed an opportunity to manipulate commodity prices. All business-persons are not necessarily ultra-opportunists.  Solving this problem is beyond our knowledge, and it is only a subject matter for the government, economists and experts to deal with. In my opinion, as we are all dependent upon these government service personnel in some way or the other, it would be better for us to understand their difficulties and show kindness to them. If not, boomerang effect will surely come to us. Here I want to convince the younger generation that today’s outstanding dignitaries were mostly brought up in small towns and villages void of modernized utilities. Their efforts and eagerness led them to such high positions.
To become a self-motivated teacher one must have a deep interest in teaching, and the authorities concerned must provide them with the necessary support such as: training and financial aids such as incentives and an adequate amount of remuneration. If necessary, generous remuneration packages need to be attached to remote postings.

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