Union Minister observes increasing development momentum in Shan State


Union Minister for Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development U Ohn Myint made trips this week to the self-administered zone and division in Shan State.
On 18 November, he inspected rural roads, water supplies and basic education schools in Laukkai and Chinshwehaw townships.
While in Kaungkha, Kutkai Township, the union minister met departmental personnel, local militia and representatives of ethnic groups and towns’ elders and urged them to make all-out efforts for restoring peace and the prevalence of law and order in Namkham and Palaung regions.
Locals reported on requirements of power supply, transport and livestock breeding on a commercial scale. The union minister fulfilled the requirements of Hsenwi, Kutkai, Namkham, Muse and Tamoenye towns. On 19 November, the union minister viewed construction of Rural Development Bank in the compound of the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department in Kywesekan, Mandalay.
At Natyaygan fishery camp-3 in Mandalay, the union minister inspected fish breeding tasks and instructed officials to improve fish breeding and production of the camp.

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