Norwegian, Myanmar artists showcase sculptures

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Sonny Nyein, left, and Merete Sejersted Bodtker, right.

DUO Art Exhibition by Norwegian artist Merete Sejersted Bodtker and Myanmar’s prominent sculptor Sonny Nyein opened at Beikthano Gallery in Yangon yesterday.
During the four-day exhibition, the duo have displayed their sculptures and works on paper until 7th October.
Merete Sejersted Bodtker has showcased her work of Daw Aung Aung San Suu Kyi portrait sculpture, prints of her mix-media works and prints of her sculpture works from Norway.
She showcased her work of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s bust, which she donated to the National League for Democracy office since last year.
“I exhibited my works outside Norway. But, this is for the first time in Myanmar and I am happy,” said Metete Sejersted Bodtker.
Merete Sejersted Bodtker was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1956. Her public works can be found in Norway and Sweden, as well as in private collections in the US, Switzerland, Germany, Sri Lnaka, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Sonny Nyein has displayed five abstract sculptures. Sonny Nyein was born in 1949 in Mandalay. He received his graduation from the Yangon State School of Fine Arts in 1971 majoring in Sculpture.
While showing an enthusiast to his works of two forms : one is made of used recycled cans and another one is empty iron square, Sonny Nyein translated his works,” rich and poor”.
He also studied Form and Space concepts in both sculpture and painting from Baji Aung Soe, icon of the Myanmar Modern Art and former lecture at Rangoon Institute of Technology.
His early works were made from scrap metal, with the subjects ranging from pieces inspired by traditional myths to social commentaries. The multimedia sculptures were of various sizes.
Beikthano Gallery is located at 113/3, KabaAye Pagoda Road, in Yangon.

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