Not all change is alike

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The world always changes, sometimes as a result of the actions of well-intentioned people.
In Myanmar, everyone seems to be a proponent of change, and no one seems to be against it. Thus, the word ‘change’ has become a catchword for every politician. They all promise change if the people vote for them in the upcoming election.
With the general election approaching, people in Myanmar talk about change even more loudly than before. Politicians from the ruling party boast about how much has changed since it took over the government and how much will change if the people continue to trust them. The opposition parties promise even more change if they win the election.
While it is natural for the public to stress that change is necessary, people must clarify the types of change they envision, because people’s desires for change vary widely.
In addition, the type and direction of change they need may be different from politicians’. On the other hand, politicians are also required to identify the change people need.
Many historic world leaders have been immortalised by the change they brought to their societies. Even more disappeared from history because they failed to bring about enough change. Some are remembered as villains who opposed change.
Now, with everyone apparently working for change, it is important that Myanmar’s politicians make the changes that the majority of the people desire.

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