Notice to Mariners released for Myanmar-Singapore international underwater cable connection project

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The Myanmar-Singapore international undersea cable connection project underway in Myanmar’s EEZ.

The Fisheries Department issued a notice regarding the launch of the Myanmar-Singapore international undersea cable connection project in the Myanmar Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The project is set to span over five months, during which time ships, vessels, fishing boats, and motor boats are strictly prohibited from passing through or anchoring, fishing, and deploying fishing devices in the designated project areas.
The cable connection project will utilize the CS Nusantara Explorer, owned by Campana Mythic Co Ltd, at the Unit 1 location with Rov cables in the Myanmar EEZ. The project commenced on 13 July and is expected to conclude in December.
Campana Mythic Co Ltd, a multinational data network infrastructure operator headquartered in Singapore, was established in 2014. The company boasts an extensive network and infrastructure in Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand.
To ensure smooth execution and avoid any delays during the project period in the Myanmar EEZ, the Notice to Mariners has been promptly released. — TWA/KTZH

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