Notification of Disbursement of Medium-term Loan from MEB to SMEs

MEBThe Government is encouraging development of agricultural and livestock breeding enterprises, small and medium enterprises and construction companies in accord with national economic policies. In doing so, assistance will be provided for acquisition of capital needed for the enterprises in accord with the prescribed rules and regulations. Accordingly, the State-owned Myanma Economic Bank (MEB) will disburse loans to entrepreneurs who are actually running the businesses and in need of capital investments under the special programme.
Loan disbursement programmes are as follows:

SectorBusinessSector to DisburseInterest ratePeriods
Agriculture1. agriculture
2. livestock breeding
3. agriculture and livestock breeding and related enterprises
4. Import substitute product enterprises
5. Recycling and Energy Saving enterprises
Disbursement via MADB8.5 from MEB to MADB 9 from MADB to entrepreneursFrom 3 to 5 years
Small and Medium Enterprises Sector1. Industries
2. Trading
3. Export products enterprise
4. Import substitute product enterprises
5. Recycling and Energy Saving enterprises
6. Technology-based enterprises and services
Direct disbursement from MEB0.09From 3 to 5 years
Construction Sector1. Construction
2. Construction materials production enterprises
Disbursement via CHDBMEB will give loans to CHDB at 9% interest rate, and CHDB will disburse loans to SMEs at 11% interest rateFrom 3 to 5 years

Those desirous of borrowing loans in respective sectors are to comply with the restrictions designated by the bank. Borrowers can give movable and immovable properties as surety for the loan. Arrangements have been made for those who cannot afford to pay surety and those who do not have adequate amount of money for surety to be able to link with loan insurance organisations. Entrepreneurs who would like to apply for getting loans can receive detailed information at the nearest branches of the MEB, Myanma Agricultural Developoment Bank (MADB) and Construction & Housing Estate Development (CHDB) Bank. —Myanma Economic Bank

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