Now we can contribute to the Peace Fund

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • It is undeniable that everyone wants peace and stability. The two words may be abstruse for children and some young teens, but once we explain to them the nature of “peace” we are sure that they will understand how these two words are linked to each other because we definitely cannot have peace without stability. We are sure most of us understand that children should be given the freedom to play freely and choose their favorite games or playthings as long as these games are not harmful to them or others. We also think that it is very important to teach our youths the nature of freedom and how to use one’s freedom without infringing upon the freedom and the rights of others.
    As a matter of fact, peace and stability usually follows independence or freedom. Instead, as a whole nation, we have not achieved peace and stability yet. A century-long colonial rule left the country with an evil legacy. The colonialists planted the seeds of discord and misunderstanding among our national brethren
    using the tactic of divide-and-rule, leading to years of armed conflicts. Regrettably enough, civil wars which had started since the time of our country’s independence in 1948, are still raging in certain parts of our country.
    Now, our incumbent government has been exerting their wholehearted efforts to implement the peace process by holding the Union Peace Conference—21st Century Panglong, for all our national brethren to be able to savour the taste of the Independence, because national development cannot be built without peace and stability and peace can be achieved only through dialogues at round-table meetings. With a view to creating the right conditions for future younger generations to enjoy peace and prosperity, all remaining armed ethnic groups who have the desire to sign the nationwide ceasefire agreement should decide to take part in peace negotiations. We are presently living peacefully under a new government which has promised us good governance. This government has placed great emphasis upon transparency and effectiveness. We no longer wish to see displaced brethren fleeing from danger zones and waiting for distribution of humanitarian aids desperately, while children from conflict-free zones can study their lesson in peace, and enjoy themselves under safe and secure conditions. As Union citizens, we want armed conflicts to end immediately if possible.
    The year 2017 sees bright and hopeful prospects, especially in Yangon. Just a few years ago, many youths except those with a strong sense of civic responsibility, were conspicuous by their absence when it came to taking part in social activities. Now, nearly all young people including ethnic youths are coming out in large numbers to join philanthropic works. Good Samaritan youths are being seen here and there. In the latest initiative of the Yangon Regional Government called the new Yangon Bus System to be implemented in the next few days, many youths and adults are gearing up to contribute voluntary labour. It shows their enthusiasm and willingness to participate in the nation-building process. The latest news that Union Ministers and NLD Hluttaw representatives donated Kyats 200 million collected monthly from 25% of their salaries, to the Peace Fund has inspired other citizens to contribute money to the fund. Being aware of the needs and wishes of the people, the Government has allowed us to fulfill our desires. In fact, the task of implementing the peace process had been operated using the government’s special finance fund and financial contributions from international organizations. At the present moment, allowing the general public to donate as much as they can, to the Peace Fund is a welcome step to allow people to take an active part in the peace process. Therefore, let us take part in this historic peace process, while this wonderful opportunity is in our hands!

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