Number of bamboo growers boom in Mawlamyinegyun

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Bamboo binds are sorted beside the road in Mawlamyingyun Township.

The number of growers of Wah Shar, a locally popular species of bamboo, has increased dramatically in Mawlamyingyun Township because of its fast growth and lower cost. There were over 1,600 bamboo growers in 2016, according to local bamboo growers.
There were 704 additional bamboo growers in 2016, up from 976 growers in 2015 and 2014. Most of the residents from the village are cultivating the seasonal crops as their primary occupations, though some grow bamboo to earn extra income.
“The bamboo which is called Wah Shar in Myanmar can be used in many ways. Also, it is one of the fastest-growing plants. So, we can sell this bamboos only in our region after we have cut the bamboo. The people from other regions also come and buy the bamboo in our village. The long and straight bamboo can make more money. So, we grow those kinds of bamboo,” said U Aung Kyaw, a bamboo grower.
There are many kinds of bamboo in Myanmar. Most of the residents from Mawlamyingyun township grow more of “Wah Shar” bamboos. There are over 6,300 acres of bamboo land in their region.
Wah Shar bamboo is strong, straight and grows quickly with little maintenance required, growers said.
“We don’t need to look back after we have taken care of the plant for a week,” said U Tin Shwe, a Wah Shar bamboo grower. The bamboo from
Mawlamyingyun Township has been distributed to Kyaikpi and Mawlamyingyun markets for many years.

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